Colorful Zoom Birthday Party Backgrounds for Virtual Birthdays

colorful birthday cake on a  white cake stand

Since it looks like virtual birthday parties are here to stay, it is time to get some virtual backgrounds for Zoom and Skype that are birthday party-themed!

Typically we would all be buying party decor like streamers and signs to make the party space seem festive. Sometimes we have specific party decorations to fit the theme of our birthday party. However, you may be wondering how to make the birthday party themed when it is a virtual party? It’s easy! Create virtual backgrounds!


Take that same in-person party decor philosophy online, and use a virtual background in a similar way! It is your party decor. It is a way to show that it is a party (and not a business meeting), as well as the story behind the party. For example, if it is a mermaid party, or a rainbow themed party!


zoom birthday background

Have a first birthday celebration? Have a Zoom background for a 1st birthday! Are you hosting a TikTok Birthday party? Then use a TikTok virtual background! Even if you just have cupcakes or balloons in the background, it can set the virtual stage for the birthday guest of honor! It can also be a fun way for family and friends to feel some excitement too.


Themed Zoom Backgrounds for Birthday Parties

When sending out your party invites, include the photo file so the guests have it on hand. Then when you send out your party time reminders, include it again. I would also suggest giving a brief description of how guests can change their background on the platform you are using. (Not everyone is tech-savvy so it is a nice thing to provide.)

Here are two fun and festive birthday party virtual backgrounds you can grab right now!

zoom birthday party background
virtual birthday party background

To download the above images, use a desktop and right-click the image you want using your mouse or trackpad. When the popup window appears, select ‘Save Image As’. If you are on a mobile device, you should be able to use your finger to press on the image and your phone should prompt you to save to your camera roll. Note that I made these using Canva Pro so they are not to be sold. – Thank you!

Free Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Backgrounds

If you would like even more virtual birthday party backgrounds – including themed ones for a TikTok Party, Mermaid Party, Superhero Party, Jungle Party, or for milestone birthdays, then subscribe below and you will automatically be given the link to the files you can download!

Time to Party!!

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