winter planter idea

If you read my winter windowbox idea with faux filler, you can see I like the challenge of being on budget, being creative and having a winter scape that will last until spring. So I also created a winter planter!

In a similar fashion on how I came to create my winter window box, I followed the same scheme/pattern for my winter planter. The main reason is the ability to buy in bulk and get everything at once. Yet, it also mimics the look and holiday theme of my winter window boxes. Thus, making it a cohesive design when you look at the front of our house.

Using our existing planter containers from Restoration Hardware, I bought a faux pine wreath from Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for $12. I got a 30 inch diameter wreath so it would fit my 22 inch planter with some greenery overhang.

{A little tip to note, the wreath sizes are based on the pine reach – not the inner circle dimension. So if you are fitting something, measure the inner circle!}

Then I used a larger cone (similar to that in my window boxes) in the center of my winter planter. The cost was $10. I placed three of the $6 cypress trees in the center as well. So for $18 I got a full greenery effect. Then I placed some floral picks so give it some customization.

I used the white flower as the focal point as it was a nice alternative to a bow and the white brings forward the color of our house behind it. The total cost for all the floral picks in the planter was $10. Then I went with these battery operated lights from (affiliate) Amazon.

So for about $55, I had a one of a kind winter planter filler – and can use most of the pieces again next year. I will donate the cypress trees to a local landscaper to repurpose in the spring.

I like the variation of greens, which gives it more contrast and a ‘real’ effect from afar. And I like knowing all the pieces are separate so I can reuse in different ways for projects.

So consider making your own winter planter! With a little DIY, you can have something one of a kind!

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