Have you hit the beach yet? Even if you have kids in tow, and thus all of their stuff, you should have your own well-stocked bag. So, what should you have in your beach bag?

First, get a classy straw tote. I suggest a simple looking one that will last you years and will go with everything you wear. Make sure to pack a towel, flip flops, sunglasses, hair ties (to keep your locks on lockdown) and a book. Find a reusable water bottle and fill with water. Freeze in advance, so it will melt while you are at the beach and it’ll be cold water to sip. Or throw in some slices of watermelon or pineapple for fruit-infused water.

I also like to have a waterproof watch and clutch. I love this Tory Burch Jelly clutch. Easily wipe off the sand, and if it gets wet, no big deal. It is a great way to store your wallet, keys, cell phone, and can be pulled out of your bag for a quick dash for some ice cream. A silicone water proof watch, like this one from Nordstrom, makes sure you know when to head home and won’t get damaged if you jump in the waves.

What should you have in your beach bag

Lip gloss, natural sunscreen, and an Evian mist, will keep you looking polished. Make sure to throw in a headset to listen to your favorite podcast. Lastly, pack a sarong and a hat. The two featured here I love because it gives you pizazz. Who says you need to go to the beach looking like a beach bum? The sarong can be worn as a dress, around the waist or, in a pinch, can be a shoulder coverup/scarf if your shoulders start getting sunburn pink. The hat helps with the windblown beach look, as well as protecting your face from the sun. Not to mention the style quotient!

What else do you think should be in a beach bag?

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