If you have a busy life or have children, it can be hard to find opportunities to dress up. The natural inclination, if the opportunity arises, is to go out to dinner,. However, there is something glamorous about going to the theater. It is also a great opportunity to immurse yourself in a story that is not on a screen and to absorb culture and ambience.

When a PR company offered me two complimentary tickets to attend a Boston-based performance of Riverdance – The 25th Anniversary, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to take my daughter to the local theater district in our city. Exposing our children to the theater and culture is an important parenting opportunity. As soon as they are old enough to sit for a performance, you should try to find a show they would enjoy and start exposing them to this art form. Often there are student tickets, matinee prices or discounts, so you can find seats to fit your budget.

It was also an excellent opportunity for us to dress up a bit for my daughter and myself. Since this was not Broadway on Opening Night and it was a mid-week show, I knew we would not go glitzy. Yet, it was an opportunity to discuss proper attire and what to wear to a show or the theater.

For young girls, I suggest wearing a dress with Mary Jane-like shoes. You can find options at Nordstrom, but Amazon has attractive options, especially since they outgrow clothes quickly. Zappos is another great place to find shoes, but we have always had great luck with Target or Old Navy options. For children, it is less about the designer label and more about the appropriateness of the design.

For the theater, try to find a dress with a little embellishment to elevate it. Think elements like a sash or a rhinestone brooch. Look for silk-like fabrics for shine and luster. This one on affiliate Amazon is adorable for a summer-time show. Add a white shawl scarf or a pretty button-down cardigan sweater!

Another option is to look for a Maxi dress. The longer length gives it a more sophisticated appearance than day dresses. This one from affiliate Amazon is lovely with the bold flowers. Add a matching flower headband for some extra pizazz!

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a little black dress for anyone of any age! This one on affiliate Amazon is sweet and sophisticated. You can easily swap out the belt for a sparkly piece of ribbon if you prefer!

Even though the examples above are for girls; the same clothes concepts apply to women. Just add a clutch or a small shoulder bag. Please leave the big bucket bags at home! It is not appropriate for a night at the theater, and they are very awkward to carry around in theater venues. Often the establishments are in 100-year-old structures with small seats and tight aisles!

If you don’t have a clutch (and you should always have one on hand), a quick and stylish option that won’t break the bank (but looks like big bucks) is this one on affiliate Amazon. You can remove the gold chain or keep it for a hands-free option for holding a child’s hands! The gold edging around the flap gives it a luxe vibe too.

Add some sparkly earrings and a spritz of perfume to suit your preferences and style, and enjoy this special moment. Have fun at your next night at the theater and share what you wore in the comments below!

Thanks to Boch Wang Theater in Boston and Darren DeLuca PR for the rich experience at the 25th Anniversary of Riverdance!

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