I love discovering and chronicling new things I find. Whether I stumble upon it in a store or get a goody from a gift bag, there are always new things to try. Last month, I’ve checked out a few things and wanted to share my favorites! (Note that the images are affiliate links.)


This little gem is not only great for kids, but for adults who really like to tinker. It puts the power of conductivity into a pen, making the joy of creating power through doodling. It is good intro to the more advanced concepts electrical tours, and advancing the understanding of inputs, outputs, and single processing with hands-on fun. There are different kits starting at just $15 and up. Even better, you can work them together for more play potential. Consider also picking one up for the spring science fairs! ($45, Amazon.com)

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Luxe Bloom

Imagine having natural long lasting rose arrangements in your house or on your desk at work. Instead of getting flowers that last 6 days, get roses that last up to 60 days. They don’t need water, and are allergy free for sensitive noses. With over 20 colors from which to choose, these beauties can grace a home anytime, or be a lasting gift beyond Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Grab the little Beauty and Beast Glass Cloche and you even have a pretty glass jar for bobbles once the flower fades. ($55, luxebloom.com)

Memo Box

I’m never missing my vitamin regime again. A kickstarter product hit the world by storm in January. Combining tech and health care, the Smart Pill Box is not your typical medicine/vitamin storage case. It uses your Smartphone (and even Apple Watch) to let you know if you forgot your pillbox, remind you of missed doses, alert you to the next intake schedule, and so much more. Set it up for a loved one and monitor their medication remotely, or never forget to take your birth control pill or daily vitamin supplement again. Whether a daily thing, or after a medical event, this is not your grandparents pill box. It is now your virtual medication assistant. ($90, store.tinylogics.com)

HP Snapshots

My goal this month is to tackle scrapbook projects from the holidays & HP Social Media Snapshots are making it fun and easy. Using sticky backed photo sheets and the HP Social Media Snapshots App (Apple Store & Google Play), I can pick the social photos I shared on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. I then pair it with a virtual frame, print, stick and share memories in a scrapbook. I’m thinking of even creating a wall collage! #springgoals ($5, HP.com)

Curl Keeper

Curl Keeper is a something I’m loving these early spring days to control and tame my curls. It’s a water based formula so I can use it everyday with minimal product buildup. As they say in New England, wait a minute and the weather will change. Yet, for once, my hair stays the same. Congregate your cabinets with the styling products like the styling cream, gel or detangler. Remember, a humid summer is around the corner. (Varies, Frizzoff.com)

Kora Organics

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr is a personal blend of supercharged oils, like Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto, and Sandalwood, that smell like love and warmth. Perfect for a windy March day. If you roll on your pulse points, it is supposed to open your heart chakra. Not sure about that, but it has definitely opened up conversations about the fragrance I’m wearing. ($48, KoraOrganics.com)

Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Bra

Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Free Bra is one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned. It is designed like a real bra, but comfortable as a cami. It’s sleek, shaped, and feels like second skin. Comes in white, black, nude, denim blue heather, and my new favorite, Cool gray heather. I’m stocking up on more. ($15, Target & Walmart)

Fasta Pasta

Fasta Pasta is a nightly godsend. I can make pasta in the microwave in half the time. Bonus is that it measures, cooks and drains in the same container, minimizing clean up. Yes, I wish I could cook without a plastic container in the microwave, but not all nights can be perfect. At least I can make the pasta gluten-free and Fasta Pasta container is made in the USA. ($14.99, FastaPasta.com)

So whether its pasta or perfume, flowers or frizz, photos or pills, these are some super fun finds I’m loving this month!

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