What are Shmoozees? Visit the Shmoozee Facebook Page

Style up a Shmoozee! Shmoozees are plush toys that are best described as a nice gremlin meets TY. They have glow in the dark ears and eyes, and the ears are plastic, with holes in them, so you can add earring-like collectible charms. Right now, there are six different colors and patterns retailing at $19.99, and you can have the name for your shmoozee auto-generated on the website. There are also ways you can Shmoozee style and have virtual play making it a collectible kind of toy.

Shmoozee Facebook

Image Credit: Shmoozee (Jay@Play)

Right now, Shmoozee is having a contest where they are encouraging kid fans (or grown-up fans) to make videos with their Shmoozee to show the coolness, play and ‘rad factor. You have until the end of June to submit an entry for a ‘shmance’ to win cool prizes. The bummer part is that these are not sold in stores. They are only sold online right now.

I was given some Shmoozees with which to create my own compensated video, but I enlisted my 3 year old to help. He wanted to pull the Shmoozees around in his baby sister’s push-toy, and then wanted to have them ride around his fire truck. So he pulled them around using some string and I did the video taping. Later that day, when I went to put the video together, I found another Shmoozee house fan. Can you guess who it was? Looks like you’ll just have to watch this Shmoozee video to see!

Visit the Shmoozee Facebook page for all the details! Pick up a (affiliate link) Green Screen from a site like Amazon if you want to have more fun with it, or just give the kids the iPhone and see what they come up with!

They are ear-isistible. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

Have fun!

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