If you have a rockin’ red pair of shoes, you want to wear them! I just got a complimentary pair from Rhea Footwear (more about them below) so I am super excited to show them off ASAP!! However, you may be wondering what to wear with red shoes or need ideas for outfits with red shoes so you can show yours off too!

Let’s get to wearing them! Here are my wardrobe picks:

red shoes outfit ideas


To start, pull together these key nine pieces:

  1. Black Leggings
  2. Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Black and White Stripe Shirt
  4. White button down shirt
  5. Graphic Gray Tee Shirt
  6. Black Tee Shirt
  7. Jean Jacket
  8. White Blazer
  9. Red Shoes

Then you can start playing…

Outfit Ideas with Red Shoes

One outfit idea is to pair your red shoes with a pair of jeans, a black and white striped shirt, and a white blazer. Another idea is to wear your red shoes with a pair of black leggings, a gray graphic tee shirt and a jean jacket. Another day wear a black tee shirt and black leggings with your red shoes for an edgier look. Top off your week wearing a white button down shirt with jeans and your red shoes for a classic look. Find a great red bag, red lipstick and or red scarf to play with accessories.

Have fun mixing and matching even more outfit combinations, but with 9 key pieces, you easily have 4 or more outfits to wear with┬áthe same rockin’ red shoes.

If you don’t have red shoes yet and now want a pair, check out RheaFootwear.com for your red shoes option. (They are featured in the photo above.) Not only is the red a perfect red hue in my opinion, but they are SOOOO comfortable to wear. They also have traction on the soles for a touch of safety! (Seriously, you should check out the video on their website – it is crazy to watch!)

Then strut your stuff with your righteous red shoes! *You go girl!*


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