Waxing SpaAfter reading many articles about getting a bikini or brazilian wax during pregnancy, I figured I give it a try and share my dos and don’t of pregnancy waxing.

I know, it does seem weird that one would get waxed during a pregnancy. First, for the obvious reason that you can’t see anything down there so why would you care or how would you even know. But if this is your second pregnancy, trust me when I say that while you can’t see anything, you can feel it (and it is not a pleasant feeling).

Second, even though you don’t want anyone ‘down there’ by the 9th month of pregnancy, you want to know that things are in ship shape for birth (since nothing else of your body is). Similar to the “I need a pedicure so my feet look pretty despite the fact I haven’t seen them in months” logic.

Thus, you might fall into the “I care camp”, and decide to schedule a bikini or brazilian wax.┬áSo here are my top five pregnancy waxing tips:

  1. Make sure you have done waxing before. Waxing is painful and it is even more so during pregnancy (see point #4) so having gone through the ropes before, will ensure your comfort, safety, and well-being.
  2. Find recommendations or go to spas that have a significant pregnancy menu. If they have pregnancy related services, it probably means they have people on staff who are used to treating and seeing pregnant women walking around. But call and speak to someone about the products they use and check that the product ingredients are safe for you too. Always run everything by your doctor or midwife.
  3. Let them know you are pregnant. Before walking in for your appointment. Let them know when you call to schedule the appointment and how many weeks along. This way, they can select the best technician for you and make sure that the service is right for you too.
  4. There will be more pain than normal. Despite the fact that you haven’t been able to see that region for months and have no desire for anyone to see that region either, it will hurt like hell. But since you will be giving birth in a matter of months or weeks, it is good prep. Kidding. But you will be more sensitive and it will be more painful than normal because of all the hormones in your system and the fact that your skin loses tautness. So it is harder to get the wax off and when it does, you may have some bleeding. Which leads me to point #5.
  5. You might leave ‘half done’. Depending on your pregnancy and the stage of your pregnancy, you may be too sensitive to have the full wax experience. Hence, my recommendation to skip the brazilian and just try a bikini wax. Even then, know that a good technician will monitor how you, and your skin, is reacting and may stop ‘short’ of a full bikini. Just be happy that they care about your well-being and check to see if they will adjust the cost of the service. In many cases, they will.

So I had a bikini wax at 38 weeks. It was not fun, nor was it the full deal, if you know what I mean, but I feel a little more ‘in control’. And at this point in this pregnancy, I need all the control-ness I can find. Added to the fact that I know I am not going to want anyone down there at least 6 weeks post-birth, I figured it was my last shot. Though, a good old-fashioned hair cut and pregnancy-safe coloring probably would be a good alternative.

What have you done to feel more ‘attractive’ during your pregnancy?

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  1. i wish i knew this while pregnant. great info girl! great info.

  2. you are so brave to attempt this at 38 weeks. and even more brave to share your story :)

  3. Another great reason is that if you end up with an unplanned c-section, it is much more pleasant to grow out a waxing than when they shave you in the hospital – staples and stubble don’t mix.

  4. Haha. So true! Could be a great side business for OB practices to offer patients at 35 weeks. LOL.

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