Like a Chanel Mini Flap!

Recently I got a free wallet to review for my other blog, but I had to post it here too because it is perfect for a Chanel Mini Flap or any small purse or handbag!

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As a quick background, the product is called the Wonder Wallet. It’s one of those, ‘As Seen on TV’ products you can get on Amazon. I’ve never seen the infomercials on it, but I was intrigued. So I said, yes – send it over – and I’m so glad I did!

The number one reason I love it, is that it keeps my store cards and gift cards in one place. I have so many of those little buggers. I tried using an old Kate Spade Long Zippy Wallet, but there were only 12 card slots and I had to throw the rest of the cards in there all willy nilly. Definitely not the organization I was going for. Plus, I couldn’t see what was in the card slots without having to pull the cards out. A bit annoying when you are at the cash register.

The Wonder Wallet stores up to 24 cards (two cards per slot) and measures about 5 inches wide, 3.75 inches tall and .75 inches wide if you store 24 cards in it. The leather is nice. Not Hermès leather, but not the Hermès price point either! It only comes in black. (Boo hoo.) However, the leather was decent and you don’t have to worry about it getting knocked around in your bags.

You can see each of your cards in the plastic sleeves, so you know quickly if you have a gift card for that store or can pull out your grocery card efficiently at a register. The slots were easy to use and I haven’t found the cards getting stuck in there.

However, I quickly realized I needed another Wonder Wallet for my Chanel Mini Flap. I can put my favorite credit cards, store cards, and gift cards in a Wonder Wallet, then add my keys, iPhone 6 Plus, a lipstick, and a pouch for coins and cash, and I am super set!

Perfect for those outings where I want to use a small bag, but don’t want to sacrifice the things I need or like to have with me. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I didn’t have a store card or gift card because I had to leave it at home or in the car because I couldn’t carry the big wallet in the bag I had. So this is super ideal!

I can have a Wonder Wallet in my tote with a bigger selection of gift cards and store cards that I need, but don’t need as often, and have a main Wonder Wallet with a mix of cards in my Mini for those quick dashes into the store without having to bring the big tote with me.

So I know you guys and gals with Chanel Minis have the same space issues so I had to pass along my find! My Chanel Mini is about 8 inches across, 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep, so you can get an idea of space with the Wonder Wallet in it depending on the small bag you have.

The Wonder Wallet retails around $25 at the time of this post and you can find it via my affiliate link on Amazon.

I also HIGHLY recommend these wallets too for the same space-saving, high-function reasons!



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