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It is hard to believe that summer is almost here, but this year I’m more acutely aware of the start of summer because that is when this baby bump of mine is set to make an appearance.

At this point in my pregnancy, I’m not feeling very glamorous, but despite my pregnancy shortcomings, I still follow the summer trends. While I don’t think, for example, that horizontal stripes are a good look for pregnant woman, it definitely rocks for everyone else.

So my focus is what I can do with makeup. I may be limited in wardrobe selection, but I can always be on trend by mirroring fashion must-haves with beauty basics, and so can you. Even if your budget doesn’t extend to new summer-must-haves in the clothing department, set aside some cash for some great finds at the local drugstore, like Walgreens, to spruce things up for summer. Are you more ‘au-natural’? Walgreens, for example, has organic and nature beauty products too.

Stripes: Like I mentioned above, stripes are big in fashion for summer. But a way to transition it is to think Nail Art. Add bold stripes to your mani or pedi. Or add layers of color for a rainbow effect. If you are concerned that horizontal stripes make you look fat, then no worries in sporting stripes on your fingers.

Nail Art

Neon and Brights: Whether in shoes, bags or accessories, I keep having flashbacks to the 80s, but the hot pink and bright yellows are summer-must-haves. Even if I wasn’t pregnant, I’m not sure I can pull off bright yellow in my clothing, but sporting it on my toes? Totally. So pick up a bottle, and start painting those piggies. Or pucker up and paint your lips a fabulous shade of hot pink.

Edit-Lorel Nail Polish Yellow - Tweet Me

Sun-kissed Glow: Let’s face it, this is a must-have look every summer. That tussled, I just-spent-a-day-at-the-beach-and-I-wasn’t-running-after-kids look. But being older means being wiser, right? So skip the sun and slather on sunscreen. Then fake the tan with some awesome bronzer on your cheekbones. Don’t forget about the rest of your body. Spray on SPF and if you want a little color, try tinted body lotions.


Tubular tresses: Anything goes, really, for your hair this summer, but the key is keeping it non-frizzy. Use products to fight the frizz or find cool bobby pins to make a bun from a breezy pony tail or pick out a cute hair accessory like a headband to add a pop of color or pattern (think bold or stripes to mirror the trends mentioned above.)

HerbalEssencesAnti-Frizz Conditioner

Lastly, my two other summer beauty must-haves are (1) waterproof mascara and (2) club soda. There is something about heat that makes mascara melt, so this is the one time a year to use it in place of your regular mascara. You can typically make the switch easily as most product lines also include a waterproof version. Oh, and what about the club soda? While it may be a great base for fabulous summer cocktails, it is a beauty essential. Take it from this former collegiate and masters synchronized swimmer, drenching your hair in club soda post-pool party can minimize chemical damage and keep your locks looking luxurious.

And if you do nothing else, at least pick up a bright shade of lipstick. There is nothing better than that to catapult you from winter to summer in a flash.

Edit-WetnWild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Whether you pick up yellow polish and hot pink lipstick, a striped headband, sunscreen and bronzer, or bobby pins and club soda, adding a couple of these easy-to-find and won’t-break-the-bank drugstore beauty items, can perk you up for summer. And trust me when I say I will be putting hot pink gloss on my lips and a cute headband in my more-than-likely unwashed hair to get me through my upcoming early newborn days; there is nothing better to help a postpartum Mom feel glam when she has fantastic lip color and a cute hair-do to feel put together (…..even if you’re really not.)


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