In the 1980s, “video killed the radio star“. According to a lot of posts in the Blogosphere this week about how to be a successful Blogger, video may propel you to being a blogging star in 2012.

Great posts came from Blogger Jennifer James of Mom Blogger Magazine where she shared her 15 Mom Blogging Predictions for 2012. Another fabulous post came from Hormone Colored Days where the post focused on how social media Moms will fare in 2012. Social Media companies also jumped on the bandwagon with blogging tips to incorporate in the new year, like the 12 Tips for Revitalising your Blog, by ProBlogger.

While everyone has different takeaways from these various posts, the one theme I consistently saw was that web videos, vlogging and otherwise non-static blog content is “IT” for 2012. In other words, get those cameras rolling people.

Now, I am biased because it is something that I use frequently on my blog, and even started a live show last spring that I just reformatted for a relaunch later this month. But many bloggers seem to have a fear about going in front of the camera after being behind the computer for so long.

I am not going to say it is easy. It is not. People can be even more cruel on YouTube or on your video posts than on your written content, but when should that stop you? You also don’t need fancy equipment, subscriptions and gadgets to start. So no excuses there. You probably have the tools you need to record, upload and share a video right now. And it is not to replace blogging, just supplement it. Having a video in a blog post enables your readers a choice on how they want to absorb the content. Plus, if folks are at work, many can’t watch video because of various corporate restrictions. But having video does expand your reach if you also have it on YouTube and your blog. It also helps with Google search-ability since Google seems to like videos.

For those of you going to Blissdom this year, I will be one of the Community Leaders in Vlogging. So find me and let’s connect. Consider going to the SheStreams conference in March, which is all about video work. (Fingers crossed that you will see me as a speaker there too.)

All in all, let get started. Let’s support each other. Don’t let fear deter you. The only thing that is, may be some knowledge, and that is what I am here for. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see the video content I’ll be sharing in the weeks ahead. Let’s get rolling!

P.S. Here is one fast video post I did a couple of months ago. No makeup, no fancy equipment, but it shows how video in this case tells a better story than words ever could tell.

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