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A lot of people who love jewelry, quickly learn about Van Cleef and Arpels. It is a luxury jewelry brand coveted by many. One of the biggest questions, however, is whether to get the Frivole earrings or the Vintage Alhambra MOP (Mother of Pearl) earrings when purchasing a first pair of VCA earrings.

It is a very tough decision to make, but owning both myself, and listening to others weigh in on the question, there are some factors to consider. (Note that both come in yellow gold and white gold.)

The vintage alhambra MOP earrings are classic VCA and it’s a known VCA design. So if you want more people than not to know you are wearing VCA, then this would be the pair for you. While VCA lovers know both designs, the average person has seen many celebrities wear the iconic alhambra clover design. So most people you come across will know you are wearing a designer piece (even if they may not know it is from VCA per se.)

Some have concerns with the MOP (Mother of Pearl) and are concerned about damaging it. However, like pearls, they are pretty strong, though you don’t want to get chemicals on it (like perfumes or hair spray) or strong abrasions that can leave a scratch. It cannot be fixed it that happens, but is easy to avoid. The Frivole earrings on the other hand, can get scratched as well, as most white and yellow gold do. However, they can occasionally be buffed to get back the shine.

The Frivole earrings are very unique. While the average person won’t know they are VCA, you’ll get a lot of compliments from the floral design and the way they sit on your ear lobe; almost a 3D effect.

Many VCA customers also have the Frivole earrings in their jewelry drawer because it complements other alhambra pieces, so they are not too matchy-matchy with their alhambra necklaces. It can go with a lot of VCA pieces.

The Frivole are definitely more feminine though they are not a withering flower by any means. The alhambra, even in the vintage, is a bit more modern, if that was a consideration too.

Personally, I think if you were going to get your first VCA piece and you wanted earrings, then the Alhambra earrings would be my suggestion. It would also match beautifully with the 5 motif bracelet as a nice, simple set. If you were going to be getting the 10 motif or 20 motif vintage Alhambra necklace, then I’d suggest the Frivole earrings. They would work great with the necklace as set to start, without being matchy.

Then, of course, it will be time to start saving for the other pieces you didn’t get!

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