Whether you need inspiration to keep your New Year’s Fitness Resolution alive, or a fun way to perk up your pilates class, then take advantage of Valentines Day and get your groove on with these Valentines Day fitness gifts for yourself or someone else.

Whether you need a sweatshirt for post-yoga, leggings for your run, a sport bra to give love to your besties, some shades for an outdoor workout, or pink sneakers for just running to the gym and back, these fitness items will put cupid in your cardio.

valentines day fitness gifts

For tops, you can find the anti-valentines day T-shirt on Amazon, the pink lip shirt from Etsy, and the sports bra is from PinkQueen.com. For the lower half, the leggings are from Farfetch and the sneakers are Pumas, which you can find at Macys, and the heart socks you can find at Target.

For accessories, pick up a red FitBit, and snag the heart water bottle from Neiman Marcus. The heart shaped sunglasses are from Neatorama.

So put on some hearts while you exercise your heart – or put on some pink to find your cupid – and what a better place than the gym!

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