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There is nothing like being stumped on what to give your boyfriend, partner, husband, fiancee, etc. for Valentine’s Day. It has to be meaningful (read…no gift card to an Italian restaurant) but not over the top (read…no trip to Italy for Italian meal.)

Frankly, the same can be applied to women. Men can be stumped. Flowers and chocolates don’t have the same appeal as they used to. (Or maybe you have sent too many of those.)

I have three Valentine’s Day Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Guys and Gals that can fit any budget. Well, not any budget. You should have a least $20 bucks on you!

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Key Fob.

Whether you go with the designer furry options, a silver one from Tiffany’s, or one that has a beer opener attached to it, it is a worthy gift. It’s not often something you buy for yourself. So that has an appeal. It is practical. So that is appealing too. Then you can personalize it. You can even get a key chain that has your wedding photo in it, matching thumbprints, or a picture from your first date. Or go the luxe route with a Louboutin version.

FYI – this is a steal on Amazon.

And I love the leather and practicality of this one if you have an auto remote key.


Whether from Chanel or, a Wallet can be a practical and glamourous gift. To boost the appeal, tuck a picture of the two of you together in the card folds. Or have a gift card to your favorite restaurant tucked inside. Picking out a wallet can be very intimate as this is something that someone carries every day with important things inside. Pick their favorite color or a designer that they have been eyeing and you’re golden.

I love the Hermes Color Orange of this wallet.

Partial to the leather and the style of this men’s wallet too.


A belt is practical yet can be luxurious. Gucci and Hermes belts are super popular and amazing. However, you can skip the designer label and focus on quality leather. You can always tuck a note inside the wrapped belt with a promise of bedroom uses too. {Just sayin‘…’}

Some other ideas are paying for their parking for a month, setting up a month of food delivery or Uber services, or even arranging for a car detailing. If your SO has kids, even arranging for a day that s/he can have without the kids (even if at home) is always welcome.

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