Affiliate imageI love clutches. There is something so chic and sophiscated when you have a clutch tugged under your arm. As a Mom, however, when the heck do I have the option to be clutch chic? Well, here are three clutches worthy of our Mom life.

First, I ADORE this clutch from Jimmy Choo. Granted, the price tag is high for the amount of times one would get use out of it, but the neutral multi-colors of this clutch makes it perfect with anything you wear. Black dress, blue dress, cocktail party or a light lunch with friends, summer or winter, it is really versatile. So if you are going to invest in one, this would be it.

My other favorite is this leopard print one from Burberry. I just love the interpretation of the leopard print. Very subtle. And a great mix of neutrals so it will go with some many things and will be a long term classic. Another reason why I love this clutch is that it comes with an optional cross body strap. So you can use it when running around with the kids, and then ditch the strap later for a date night. Many other clutches have this feature so look for it when shopping around.

Another option for a clutch is to find one that holds your essentials, like your wallet and car keys. Then keep it in a larger tote bag. When you are running errands, leave the tote bag in the car and tuck a clutch like this one from Cole Haan under your arm. You’ll feel totally glam and no one needs to know you have a tote bag stuffed with crap in the front seat of the car. I like this one too because it is a low price point of $200 so you don’t feel to bad that is is rolling around with your kid’s sweaty gym socks in aforementioned tote bag.

< So next time you have lunch with friends or a date night, or just are running errands at little boutiques, be chic and carry a clutch!  

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