I came across a really neat product recently and I had to share it because of its uniqueness and potential for making a party stand out. It’s called Invite Bandz by Marked Private, and it is a unique party invitation, electronic invite, or e-card for any kind of party. It is really a invitation, online fun, thank you, in one.

Whether it is a kid birthday party, Halloween party, baby shower, sweet 16, Mom get together, Bachorlette weekend, or college graduation party, this is a unique way to invite your guests, send a unique thank you, collect RSVPs, and have chats to get excited for the party.

unique party invitations invite bandz

The packaging is unique. You can even scan a bar code on the box and see how the product works (or just click here for their online video.)

Basically, you get bands for your guests and a band for the ‘host’ of the party. They don’t do anything but they are a fun trinket for the party and a way to ID guests that arrive. For tweens and teens, they might like to sport the bands on the day leading up to the event to generate buzz among friends!

The host gets a code to use on the MarkedPrivate.com website to create all the details about the party. The host sends paper versions of an invitation with the rubber band around it that hides the code underneath for attendees/guests to use to access the details about the party. You can buy packs of eight or up to 40 guests, or buy them together to create even more invites. A pack of 8 Invite Bandz is $14.99, so it is around $2 a person.

On your party page, you can pick select themes, have a welcome video for your guests, and can even have it as a place to share pictures from the party.

It is a fun novelty and in this day in age with electronic invites galore, this is a fun, unique alternative that will definitely take notice with your guests! You can buy them on Amazon too.

Check out Invite Bandz the next time you are planning a party!

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  1. What a great idea! Fun for teams and schools, too!

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