sponsoredpostgraphicDespite the fact that we still have Halloween candy sitting on the table, we did get around to raking up leaves and putting away the ghosts and bats this past weekend. Then I called our local portrait place to book our holiday photo shoot, and started perusing a holiday favorite, Minted.com, for holiday card inspirations.

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Call me a card connoisseur, but I am really into pretty, unique and modern cards. I refuse (sorry, y’all) to send those glossy photo cards with the plain ‘Happy Holidays from the Smiths’ in standard computer font that you get from most portrait places or discount box stores. It reminds me of the 1980s and I’m just not that into the 80s. (Other than the music, because that does rock.)

This is the one time of year that I can connect with people outside of Facebook. That I can show how my kids have grown and what we have been up to since the previous New Year’s Eve. Plus, I’ve sent cards that have led to job interviews, coffee with friends, and renewed friendships, because the thought I put behind the cards stands out from the pile of generic holiday cards that you get during the season.

One of the reasons I gravitate to Minted.com cards are because the designs are original with beautiful paper. (And not just for the holidays, FYI, but I digress). There are designs like foil-pressed cards to give some shimmer to your holiday card…Or the cards shaped like ornaments in round or snowflake shapes. It even comes with ribbon that you tie to the top, and you can have text on the back to say hello….Or the new Booklette™ cards which are like a modern day newsletter (and don’t require extra postage either!) You can see them here on my Pinterest board.

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I love photo cards the most, but Minted.com does have non-photo cards, and cards for New Years (for you late senders). But what I also like about Minted.com are the extra little touches that most other companies forget: shimmery or decorated liners in the envelopes, a modern design for an address label or glamorous envelopes.

These set the stage for your beautiful card within. It makes your recipient stop and stare, and to take a moment to admire amongst the bills and holiday flyers. You wouldn’t wear a beautiful, sequined, little black dress and then throw on your parka or a moth eaten coat over it. So why do that to your card?

If you are going to spend the time and money to find and create a beautiful card, take the extra step to the envelope (or the carriage, if you will) that your card will arrive in.

Needless to say, I cannot say enough about the need, despite the access to social media, to still send out, once a year, a beautiful holiday card. It is a way to connect, to show care, and to show class. There are lots of card sites, but Minted.com is a site that can help you do just that.

(And don’t forget to check out other parts of their site. There is beautiful art, custom stationary and planners, for some holiday shopping opportunities too!)

I’m a customer of Minted.com, but they provided me with a site credit for my time in sharing my long-time love of their cards.)

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