Mom’s can rock the grill too.

This Memorial Day Weekend is usually the time we pull out the grill and “fire ‘er up”. While hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and chicken usually line the racks, there are so many other foods that can add some variety to the grilling season.

My favorites are appetizers that will amaze your guests and desserts that will delight everyone. So even if you decide to go the hamburger route, consider adding some grilling greatness to appetizers, desserts or side dishes for some BBQ flare.

For the next couple days, stayed tuned for a fabulous appetizer, side dish and dessert to whip up on the grill this Memorial Day weekend.


Feta and Watermelon Kabobs

Take a cube of feta and cut into squares. Cut up some watermelon into squares as well. Then select fresh basil leaves. Alternate feta, basil and watermelon and put them on a skewer. Place each skewer on the grill for just one minute (make sure the feta doesn’t melt) and then serve.

Shrimp and Avocado

Peel and cut avocado into wedges. Take cook/peeled shrimp and place on the skewer. Add the avocado and voila! Place on the grill just enough to leave grill marks, then serve.

Water Wizz

For a fun bonus (sans grill) make a couple pitchers of water, preferably in a clear pitcher. In one pitcher, place frozen grapes. It adds great visual interest and also serves the purpose of ice cubes. As the grapes melt, it adds a touch of grape flavor. Any grape (or other fruit) will do, but I think green grapes look the best for a light summer feel.

In the other pitcher, add fresh cut pineapple and fresh mint leaves. You can leave out the mint to suit tastes, or even add fruit like raspberries or strawberries, but all give the water an amazing taste after letting it refrigerate for a few hours, and looks interesting sitting out on the picnic table.

Enjoy and check in tomorrow for great grilling sides!




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