The Ugglys Pet Shop Series One

If you are a fan of the Shopkins line and have seen my post about Season 2 and 3 here, then you got a preview of the Ugglys Pet Shop line. Made by the same group, this is geared towards boys- though it is great for any gender or age!

the ugglys pet shop series one

The fun part is that they also fall into the mini-figure/collectible category. Collect packs and rare pets. Also, be one of the lucky ones to get poop in your pack, or, even better, the golden poop!

the ugglys poop

There will also be playsets to play with your Ugglys pets too. They will be coming out later this year. In this truck/bus, even the toilet flushes and there are other bodily noises.

the ugglys truck

There will be over 100 to collect. Find the rare Rusty ones too! Should be a lot of fun!!

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