Our family spent two nights at the Two Trees Inn at Foxwoods Resort and here is our review on what we found great and not so great at the hotel.

Located just moments away from all of the restaurants, shops and spas at Foxwoods, the Two Trees Inn is part of the Foxwoods Resorts. (See the Foxwoods map here.) It is not at the main complex, but rather across the ‘street’.

two trees hotel review

Hotel Features

Some of the features of the Two Trees Inn hotel are a 24-Hour courtesy shuttle to the main Foxwoods complex. There is also a restaurant and lounge onsite with complimentary coffee in Lobby from midnight-7am. You’ll find wireless Internet access in rooms, and a heated pool and fitness room. There is also a outside courtyard for relaxing in the warm months.

Image of Junior Suite.

Room Types

There are basically three room types. A Deluxe Room with either a King bed or Double Bed, or a Junior Suite with a sitting area. There are rooms that can have connecting doors for larger families or groups.

Hotel Rates

In addition to the standard room rate, there is a facility fee tacked on to your hotel charge (to cover the pool and internet). So be aware of the extra charge when staying at the Two Trees Inn. Between taxes and fees, our two night stay costed over $900. It was during the Red Sox Winter Weekend, but with a variety of events that take place at the Foxwoods, I am sure that the weekend rates are often very high. The weekday rate may be lower, as well as other times of year. Best check the rate, especially in light of our review below.

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We found the Inn to be clean, which is a big plus in our travel book. We also had Sunday Brunch in the Two Trees Inn restaurant. The brunch had a decent selection of hot food and pastries – though a bit pricey at $20 a person. Luckily our kids were free since they are young. Our kids enjoyed the heated pool and it was a nice addition during the winter for a kid friendly activity.

However, we found the customer service to be poor. During our two night stay, our television did not work nor did the internet. While management gave us a facility fees credit after we had to speak to several staff (and wait 10 minutes to speak to the manager), we got the run around on why it was not working too. The internet, when it finally worked on the morning we left, was attwifi. So we are not even sure they had there own dedicated internet.

The room was also in dire need of repairs and updates. There were broken nobs, broken door jams, cracked tiles, and dented furniture. Also, the shuttle was not as rapid as we thought. The shuttle only arrives every 20 minutes and there are several stops along the route. So depending on when you get the shuttle, and where you need to go, it can take up to 30-40 minutes. Not as convenient as we were led to believe.

While we were down for a kid-friendly event, the hotel rate for two nights cost almost $1000. As you can imagine, with the dated and broken decor and services, it was pricey for what we got.

We probably would not stay here again unless we had an amazing (aka super cheap) rate. Otherwise, for the price, I think there are better options within the Foxwoods main complex to consider for a stay. Yet, for $100-$200 a night, staying here is a decent hotel option – but know that you won’t get great service for the price.

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