Twas the night before the new Fantasyland expansion, and all through the land, not a creature is stirring, not even this wo-man.

Our swim suits are hung in the shower to dry, out of the way and up really high.

The children are snuggling in their beds, getting ready to put on their Mickey Mouse reds.

For I in my pjs, and my kids in their attire, can’t even rest, even though we are very tired.

We are excited you see, to watch as magical doors open from locks and keys.

My wondering eyes will surely observe, accolades for a magical land much deserved.

With a special mouse and a castle house, whisltes and shouts will surely come about.

A circus and an elephant are not to be outdone, princesses and mermaids are second to none.

Now Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Goofy. On Beauty and Beast, and the characters from every Disney movie.

It is the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history, but what is in store is a complete mystery.

The bags are packed and it’s time to turn out the lights. The new Fantasyland opening will be a magical sight.


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