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When I was a little girl, I loved to play dress up. Not to date myself, but there were no products on the market to foster dress up when I was young. My dress up was the ‘old-fashioned’ way. I would take things out of my Mom’s closet or would use items that my Mom or Grandmother didn’t use anymore, like old hats, scarfs, and necklaces.

Toddler Tutu Costumes

Now, there are absolutely beautiful play costumes. My new favorites are those by Just Pretend Kids. While they have great costumes like monkeys and mermaids, princesses and pirates, I could only stop and stare at the computer screen when I saw the Just Pretend Kids’ Tutu Collection.

Tutus for Girls

Tutu Costumes for Girls

These are so adorable. They have a fruit tutu collection inspired by watermelons, lemons and strawberries. They have flower and fairy inspired tutus, and adorable butterfly themed tutus. I seriously could not make a decision on which one I liked more when Just Pretend Kids offered to send me a sample.

If you have a little girl, these Tutu Costumes for girls would be adorable for dress up play. Even if you don’t want to get the whole outfit (tutu, wand, headband and wings), you can just get the accessories like the wings or the wand since each item is sold separately. I wish they also sold the leotard with it, but I didn’t see an option to purchase it or a suggestion of where I could get coordinating one. A minor inconvenience but it does enable you to customize it with a long sleeve shirt or a underskirt for cooler weather.

tutus for toddlers

Etsy shops also sell personalized onesies and shirts so that would be an adorable addition to a Fairy Halloween costume or a birthday party flower tutu costume for toddlers. I can also see a little girl wearing one of these toddler tutu costumes for a fairy inspired birthday party. As party favors, her guests can get wands, wings or headbands to join the royal fairy court. The wands and headbands are $5.99 each and the wings are $12.99 each. What a great party gift to give to her friends!

Each piece from Just Pretend Kids is made of only the best fabrics, trims and construction. The tutus for girls range in size from 2T to 5T and are priced around $29.99 (with the accessories sold separately as I mentioned above). There are a lot of cute flower and fairy tutu costumes out there, but between the quality and the unique designs of the Just Pretend Kids Fruit and Summer Collection in particular, and the unique details of the Flower and Fairy Collection, you can definitely be assured that everyone will be asking you where you got these.

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