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The “trend” of bag nesting is one I started doing in 2000 and has notable following and posts on social media now. So here is what bag nesting is and how to bag nest and why it is something to jump on board with if you haven’t done so before.

What is Bag Nesting

Bag nesting is when you take one handbag and place it into another handbag and carry that other handbag for the majority of the time and pull out the inner bag on occasion. Needless to say, it is a smaller bag placed into a larger bag.

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What are the Common Bags to Nest?

The most common nesting bags are Wallet-on-a-chain bags (WOC), small cross body bags or clutches. They are small and can easily be ‘nested’ in a larger bag. I also find that the more expensive the leather or brand of the bag, sometimes the more it is apt to be nested.

When is the Most Common Time to Bag Nest


When you are traveling, going out or on the go. If you do a lot of errands, sometimes you don’t need your larger handbag with you in the store. Even though you might need it in the car for your ‘can’t leave at home items’, you don’t ‘need them in the store’. For example, I carry around a notebook for noting down information, sunglasses, and makeup kit.  Yet, I don’t need these in the grocery store. So I take a smaller bag with a wallet and keys, and leave the larger bag tucked in a safe place in the car.


When I was working and would go on a date or hang out with co-workers on a Friday night after work, I would leave my large tote bag from my commute with my lunch, shoes, etc. and just take my small clutch –  so I wouldn’t whack folks with my tote in a bar, and it was safer since I could get it close to me.


When traveling, I want my purse but sometimes I like to keep it hidden for safety. Also, only having to carry one large bags vs. two small bags makes it less likely to lose my purse along the way in a hectic airport. Some women I know put a small clutch in their carryon purse so they have an evening bag with them when they arrive at their destination – without having to put it in their suitcase, which could get lost in travel.


Lastly, some bag nest due to less where and more why. If you have a Hermes Birkin for example (or any leather bag actually) in an unfriendly inclement weather leather (e.g. Box), and suddenly find yourself in a rainstorm, it is a perfect time to bag nest. Many Hermes bag owners keep a small sack in their larger Hermes bags and if they find themselves in the rain (or even in a concerning area), they put their Hermes bag into the sack for safety. Some even do so when traveling to keep the bag clean and protected, as well as away from prying eyes.

Who Bag Nests?

Moms with kids, working women, and women who travel are the most common. For example, a Mom carrying a diaper bag might place a small cross-body bag inside so she can run into the store without having to carry the larger diaper-filled bag into the store with her. Alternatively, working women may carry a tote bag with their items for a work commute, and leave a smaller wallet-on-a-chain or clutch inside for after-hour work functions or drinks with co-workers, so they don’t have a large bag in a bar. Lastly, it is great for travel when you can take along your regular purse for use at your destination, but tuck it into a large carryall to carry additional traveling supplies, like a blanket, laptop, and water. Or, as I mentioned above, to keep the item safe for a variety of reasons.

Tips for Bag Nesting

1. Think small into big – not big into big or medium into big. You shouldn’t put a Hermes Kelly into a Birkin for example, unless it is a 20cm Kelly or Kelly Pouchette, and you have a 40cm Birkin.

2. Think about function – what do you need the smaller bag for? If it is to protect your bag from rain, to go out on the town, or to run errands, your nested bag should reflect its purpose. Then the larger bag should suit the main purpose of your items – work commute, kids items, or must haves.

My Favorites

Some of my favorite bags to be nested are Christian Dior Pochette and Chanel WOC Chain. Some of my favorite bags to provide the nesting: Goyard St. Louis GM, Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and GM.

So, do you bag nest? What are your favorite nesting bags?

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