Toy Gift Guide for Procrastinators

You may be realizing that you need to get a gift for a kiddo.

Like, right now.

This minute.

Oh crap.

last minute toy guide last minute gifts for kids

Because you just realized that Christmas is in 6 days, that you are in the midst of Hanukkah, or that you need a last minute birthday gift. If you need all three, then (a) I’m so sorry for you and (b), just skip this part and click on this direct link to the gift guide.

You may have checked out my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide I published earlier this month with over 70 toys and products for kids to adults. This one, however, is all toys and all about last minute shopping. Though you should still, totally, read the other gift guide, because it is pretty bad a$$ if I do say so myself.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

Nothing in this last minute gift guide is on the hot, hot list. Which (1) means you probably can find it and (2) doesn’t mean they’re not awesome toys. They are fab, so you’ll still score significant gifting points. Even more so since you will actually show up with a gift in hand, rather than a IOU-cause-they-were-sold-out-cause-I-waited-to-long-to-go-shopping note.

I love everything in this gift guide because these toys are fun; they offer lots of play opportunities. These are items your kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, neighbors’ kids, etc., etc., will play with beyond the school holiday vacation. Which is the point of toys, right?

So enjoy reading! And appreciate any social media follows because I love sharing toy reviews, breakthroughs, previews all throughout the year. So let’s be besties, ‘kay?

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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