Teeth Product Review - Spiffies_Molar_MuncherHaving a toddler presents many challenges. The most unique one, that I didn’t see coming, had to do with oral development (aka Teeth).

On the one hand, a toddler is still teething (those nasty molars!). On the other hand, they are old enough to start brushing their teeth. As always, it is up to us parents to figure it all out, and balance the two, very different, needs.

There are a couple of products that I got to try recently. One to help with the incoming molars and another to help with the new teeth brushing routine.

The first to help with teething is a product called Molar Muncher. It is pediatric approved, BPA free, and has other fabulous features. For example, it is a single piece of construction so there are no crevices where germs can hide. It is a dishwasher safe and medical grade non-toxic silicone teether that can be placed in the refrigerator to cool the gums (not freezer safe though). Most importantly for me is that it is designed to prevent nipple confusion and tooth displacement.

The second is to help with teeth cleaning transition. While some toddlers can pick up a toothbrush with no problem, most will need a transition period. The best product for that are tooth wipes, where you can get gums and teeth clean, while your toddler gets used to the sensation of cleaning. A product we fell in love with are the teeth cleaning wipes from Spiffies. Not saying there aren’t other fabulous teeth wipes, but these have natural ingredients, and if you put it in the refrigerator, a cool wipe will not only clean their teeth and gums, but sooth a teething toddlers’ gums. I actually keep a couple in my purse for my toddler and me. I can’t always use a toothbrush when I am on the go, so these clean, and refresh no matter where I am and where I need to be. (Not everything designed for kids just has to be for kids!)

Spiffies also has fluoride free grape flavored toothpaste. (Who wouldn’t want to brush with grape flavor?) It is safe, natural and can be swallowed, so it is a perfect starter toothpaste on all fronts. When my son used the Spiffies toothpaste for the first time, we had to pull the toothbrush away because he wouldn’t stop brushing his teeth. (Didn’t see that coming…)

To learn more about each of the products, visit the product websites, but here is a quick 3 minute video too. The first half explains the products in more detail, and the second half shows my son trying the products. (Such a great assistant.)

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