A couple of bites is all I usually get

I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Lest you think I am bragging, however, keep reading.

I have lost the weight by not eating. Yes. I said it. I barely eat. But again, if you think I am bragging, let me state that while I can fit into my pre-pregger jeans, I still have a muffin top. (I seem to always forget to do ab exercises.)

What is this fancy diet called? I have dubbed it the “Toddler Diet”.

Prime example was the two Easter events we went to yesterday. The Easter Brunch at my parent’s house and the Easter Dinner at my husband’s brother’s house.

Brunch began with my plate piled high with crispy bacon, homemade french toast, quiche warm out of the oven, huge muffins and fruit. I ate two bites of the french toast and the rest was thrown away. Why? Because my toddler spent most of the brunch throwing sippy cups, tossing food, spilling milk, crying for some unknown object, pulling the tablecloth, grabbing spoons, knives and forks. The resulting: me missing my meal. Again.

Later that day, dinner began with warm turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, fresh peas, applesauce and a soft homemade roll. I managed to eat some apple sauce and a slice of turkey. How did I manage to eat so much? <snort> Because my brother-in-law managed to distract my toddler for a few minutes so I could wolf down a couple of bites.

I did scarf down a Chocolate Mint Zone bar on the way home since it was, luckily, stashed in the diaper bag.

That is all I ate yesterday. So you can just imagine that after a few weeks of that, anyone could lose weight. I don’t recommend it. Yes, I have a husband who could, and should, help. He does, but since he is always starving, he needs to eat. If he doesn’t, then I have two cranky people on my hands and frankly, it is not worth the sacrifice. Thus, more often than not, I am on duty during meals, which means I don’t get to eat.

Is there hope in sight? From what I hear, yes. I just wish it would come soon because I would really like dessert.


What are some of your meal stories?


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  1. We eat dinner after the baby goes to bed. I know it would be better if we worked on mealtimes, but at this point we’d rather eat in peace. And get a real meal. When I was at home I ate my lunch during naptime. Otherwise I never got any food. It sucks.

  2. I lost a ton of weight on the toddler diet too, with my first. There is hope, which is good and bad news – because you’ll gain the weight back!

  3. Jessie Heuchler says:

    So true!!! Formal holiday meals usually mean I need a to-go plate that I can enjoy after we’ve gotten home and the kids have gone to bed. Between convincing my four-year-old to quit examining new food (stuffing on Thanksgiving!) on his plate and actually eat some of it, and keeping my two-year-old from tossing most of her food to my in-laws’ dog strategically stationed at her chair (note: Schnauzers enjoy Easter ham way more than toddlers!), I am lucky to get a bite in. I may lose an additional pound in stress since my in-laws’ dining room is carpeted IN WHITE! (I’m lucky they love their grandkids as much as they do – they’ve got a cranberry sauce stain under the table to reminder them of the 2010 Thanksgiving forever!)

    I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight the first time much faster. I’m still “in progress” after #2, but I think it’s super-important to take care of yourself and eat well even when meal time turns into a three-ring circus, which I think we’ve all experienced, especially on holidays! Sometimes at home I eat most of my dinner while I am making it (I count on an official “daddy” time to get meals on), which is convenient, but it’s hard to count all those nibbles and sips when you’re aiming for portion control!

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