Tips for Visiting Disney World with a Toddler

I didn’t get selected to be on the Disney Moms Panel, but I decided to finally put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen?) to share my tips for visiting Disney World with a toddler (aka: any child under five years old). Many friends have asked me over the years for recommendations and tips, so I finally decided to write several posts to share my thoughts and experiences.

Before I start, I think it is fair to say that every child is different, but never more so when they are young. Kids at this age (five and under) can be at very different heights, different abilities, and different social behaviors. You know your child. Therefore, some of these ideas may not work for them. Heck, the tips may not work for your family as a whole, based on the ages of other children, or factors like budget and time.

That said, let’s get started. Here is my first post…”How to Visit Disney World Without Going to a Park – Just the Parking Lot.”

Side Tip:

Leave the bulky stroller at home. An umbrella stroller is easy to collapse & store on some of the Disney transportation vehicles.


Charlene is a Mom to a three year old and a three month old. She has been traveling to Disney World for the past 30 years and remembers going to Disney World when her own brothers were toddlers. 

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