Tips on Picking the Perfect Bag

According to the PurseBlog – a website devoted to all thing purse related, today is National Handbag Day. In honor of this occasion, I wanted to share some things to consider when you are getting ready to buy a handbag – designer or consignment, big or small, luxe or moderate.

Use for it.

Do you want it to go from day to night? Go from the gym to work? Double as a diaper bag? Be able to hold your stuff and a laptop or tablet? Whatever the answer is, ask yourself the question before you go and hit the stores. That way you don’t come back with a bitty bag when you really needed a baby bag.

tips for looking for a purse

Measure it.

Knowing what you want to use your new bag for, take the items you will be carrying with you and measure them. How big is your tablet? How long is your wallet. How tall is your makeup bag? Then you will know the size of the bag you need in order to comfortably carry your must-haves. While it is always good to bring the items with you to the store, to place in your potential purchase, some Sales Associates may not allow it. Plus, if you shop online, you need to know measurements. So have the numbers on paper.

how to buy a handbag

Materials for it.

Depending on the use you’re going for, the interior and exterior materials are important (yet often overlooked.) If you’re going to carry baby gear, you need a wipeable, perhaps waterproof, interior. If your bag is going to be your workhorse in rain, snow and sun, you need an exterior material that can put up with the elements. If it is for date night, a pretty material may be great. Yet, if it’s for bar hopping, pick something that can withstand sticky bar tops.

how to shop for a handbag

Carry for it.

All straps are not created equal and is another important consideration that many overlook. Do you want a crossbody strap? A removable crossbody strap on a bag that also has top handles for versatility? A single strap? Double handles vs. a single handle? Chain vs. fabric. vs. leather? You may already know your preference, but if you don’t, try on lots of handle styles. Pretend to reach into the bag like you normally would. Otherwise mock walk around the store to see if the handles work for your body, needs and daily use. You may like the color, size and material of a bag, but if the straps annoy you, it defeats the purpose and you’ll probably never carry your new bag.

tips for looking for a handbag

Closure for it.

Do you want magnetic closure? A snap? A flap? A zipper with one pull? A zipper with two pulls? A drawstring? If you are going to be in public a lot (public transportation, etc.) you may consider a secure bag with a zipper. If it is sitting in the passenger seat of your car where you reach into it constantly, you may just need a drawstring closure.


Have fun shopping for a new bag! Hopefully some of these suggestions help you pick the perfect bag for your adventures!

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