If you are building a new home or want to undergo a remodel of your new home, you know to call the contractor and architect – but what about an interior designer? With tight budgets, decorating may seem like a frivolous thing. Especial if you want to be on trend. However, in actuality, it may save you money in the long run. Here is why you should hire an interior designer and how to go about hiring one.

tips on hiring an interior designer and why you should by CharleneChronicles

Everyday Life

Having an interior designer as part of the project will give a view point of everyday life and the flow in the home. A builder builds and an architect designs, but an interior designer thinks about the everyday. Do you want to walk around the island to the fridge? Is the desk going in the middle of the room and thus an outlet for your computer should be placed there? Are you doing heavy drapes and need wood blocking on the windows? Designers think of those finer details.

Special Privileges

Another benefit of having an interior designer on your project is they have access to designer only discounts, showrooms and wholesalers. Sometimes that means you will get pieces at a discount. More often, you will get better quality goods than a big-box furniture store. Plus, they can custom design, say, a sofa, to better fit your style and living space. For example, getting you a 112 inch dining room table when the standard is 108 inches.

Interior designers also have access to specialty sub-contractors like drapery specialists, window treatment experts and more. They can also help with re-upholstering grandma’s wing chairs or re-staining a family table.

Space Planning

One of the best reasons, in my opinion, to hire an interior designer is that they can help you space plan a room. In other words, help you with room layout. They can help you figure out if you can use existing furniture or accessories. They can also assist with the best placement for a bed or TV stand.

Time Saver

A designer can also help with the overall design look for a home. While the tile specialist can help you with tile, and the free design services at the furniture store can help with furniture, the designer can see the overall picture and make sure the entire design is cohesive in the home.

Tips on Hiring

If you want to hire an interior designer, make sure to understand the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator. In the simplest form to explain, an interior decorator assists with aesthetic. An interior designer assists with space planning and aesthetic. The former has training while the latter has a degree. You may want to go with a decorator when just wanting to spruce up the look in your home. You will probably want to go with a designer if you are remodeling a home or building a new home.

When picking an interior designer, look at their website for client before and afters to see if their style matches yours. Ask for references. Look at websites like Houzz.com for ratings. Meet in person to see if you like the person. You will be working with them a lot so you need to like their personality. Plus, you want to see if they are set in their ways or are open to your ideas and thoughts. Lastly, ask to see the contract in advance. Compare them to see where their may be hidden fees that may help you narrow down your choice.

All in all, having an interior designer help decorate and plan your home will bring zen and zazzle for years to come.

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