Young women getting facial maskIf you are like me, you probably haven’t had a facial in a long time. I finally got one at a great place in Chestnut Hill, MA called MZ Skin Care. After my experience with the awesome Ultrasonic Facial there, I realized that there are some key factors to consider when deciding where to go and who to trust with your skin. So whether you live in Massachusetts or Minnesota, consider these following face tips (and check out my video on other spa etiquette considerations too!)


  • Go to a spa that has facialist with expertise in skin. If you have an esthetician that was giving a pedicure in the appointment slot before, they probably are not an expert. Find a person that only does facials because they will have seen all skin types, skin tones and skin issues, and can recommend the best facial for you based on your complextion, your lifestyle and skin goals.
  • Be prepared to have a facial switch-a-roo. In other words, you may have booked the Triple Exfoliation Double Sow Cow facial, but a good esthetician will look at your skin and ask you a couple of questions first. So if you booked the oily skin facial, and the esthetician is seeing your dry skin, they are going to do something different. Let them, but feel free to ask about the price differential and how it may or may not impact you.
  • A good esthetician will not try to sell you new products. They may state that you are using the wrong product (e.g. facial cleanser for dry skin when you have oily), but they should only be educating you and not selling you.
  • Don’t book a harsh or stimulating facial before a big event – like a wedding. You don’t know how your skin is going to react no matter how brilliant is the facialist. If you do want your skin to be in tip top shape for a special occasion, start going every 6 weeks about 6 months prior to the event, to ensure maximum impact.
  • Most runners know the best therapeutic massages are often not at a spa. They go to a massage specialist at a business that specializes in massages. The same could be said for facials. A business that only does facials means they have a focus and passion for skin care. By no means does that mean a typical spa doesn’t have facial rock stars, but it is something to consider. On the flip side though, you lose the flexibility of getting multiple services at once or having the ability to get a walk-in appointment.
  • It is a myth that you will always break out after a facial. It is possible as there are some facials that are stimulating and can pull out the pore gunk resulting in a lovely zit, but it is not always the case. Plus, the more consistently you go, the more your skin stays in shape and is used to the facial process.

All in all, there is nothing like a facial when your skin gets massaged & masked and you walk out with a glow. So take the time to go get one (especially during Spa Week), and if you live in Massachusetts, ask for Mara at MZ Skincare. She rocks.


Thanks to my role in the Hot Mom Spa Squad, treated me to my long overdue facial!

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