Tiny Things for Your Tiny Bag

The itty-bitty bag trend is still going strong. From celebs downsizing their large Birkins to the baby Birkins, or the uber-tiny mini bags seemingly every posh-New Yorker sports, these bags are here to stay! Yet, how do we bring along some essentials if our bags are designed to, well, not hold much of them?

Two products landed in my lap in the past year that has made carrying my teeny-tote with more ease. I know there are more tiny hacks that I haven’t yet discovered, so I will post updates here as I find them. However, these two items are my current must-haves to make your mini-bag work.

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Wonder Wallet

It is a wonder how I lived without this before. Did it replace my designer wallet? Yes, but for a good cause. Now I can carry my credit cards, dollar bills, gift cards and store cards in one place. With its compact design, it is amazing how this one product just eliminated three other products I used to tote around. (MSRP: $7.99, Amazon.com.)


Ditching the clunky comb or bulky brush not only enabled me to downsize my makeup bag, it also is more adorable, posh, and, dare I say, tidier than what I used to have. It won’t scratch credit cards, and I know it can work on curly hair! Designed in Brooklyn, NYC, with lots of styles and an option to customize, this can be in your clutch for a night out, or in your makeup bag for the daily commuting jungle. Who says you have to sacrifice your hair for your bag? (MSRP: $13.99, Amazon.com.)

Have any mini-things you cannot live without in your mini bag? Share in the comments below!

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