Tinker Toys

Tinkertoy copyIf you had to name some classic games that all children should have, what would they be? I thought about it recently and one that came to mind was Tinker Toys.

Spools, rods, flags, washers, end caps, and more are part of the Tinker Toys tools. Whether the classic set, the new girl pink, or the speciality sets, all parts working with other TinkerToy building sets and whether one or all, enables kids to build whatever the imagine.

Younger kids can practice their fine motor skills putting pegs in holes while older kids can build complex shapes and structures. The pieces (and the sets) snap together and stay together and allow children the flexibility and creativity of imaginative play. In addition to fostering fine motor skills and creativity, Tinkertoy helps children develop problem-solving. It can be a great tool for kids on the autism spectrum to help with manipulation of shapes and pattern matching.

Made by K’Nex, it is an American company with its TinkerToys made in the USA (Pennsylvania actually) A classic since 1913, Tinkertoy seems well on its way to celebrating another 100 years as a classic childhood toy. It’s a great gift not only for kids, but for adults too. The nostalgia and the cool building possibilities makes it a fun conversation piece at home or in a office.

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