sponsoredpostgraphicI love wearing heels. No matter what you are wearing, there is something about heels that makes you feel more put together, more in control and more glamorous; things, that I’m sure you can agree with, we Moms rarely feel! Yet, as Moms, heels are not practical for chasing our kids at the playground, or for speed we need to race through the grocery store.

Yet, wearing sneakers, even as fashionable as they are right now, doesn’t seem to invoke the same respect from sales associates at stores. I love my ballet flats as a result….unless my jeans are dragging on the floor. Then I’m in a shoe circle. Until, one day, I discovered THE WEDGE! It should have been named the Flatinator or the Heelhero (but no one consults we me on these things!)

So, I rock my wedge shoes everywhere. I recently bonded with a sales associated at Tiffanys who loves her wedge shoes too, where she has to look swanky (I mean, it is Tiffanys!) but is on her feet all day. {We had a shoe moment.} We also talked about the still-going-strong-bootie-trend. I wanted to try to embrace the biggest fashion trend – the bootie, but every bootie I came across was not bootie-licious for this Mom. (See heel explanation above.) Yet, when I saw some new Rockport booties out on the market, I found my new shoe nirvana!

Bootie meets wedge. Sneaker meets heel. (Excuse me while I weep in gratitude. {Sniff})

Here are three outfits with booties ideas #PoweredBy these Rockport Desert beauties. I received a complimentary pair and you can see how I wear them on my Instagram page, but see below my Mom friends, on what you can throw on to run your errands, what you can lace up for the bus stop, what you can rock at the playground; looking chic yet appropriate for the Mom tasks at hand.

Plus, in the gray suede, you are also sporting the texture and color trends of the season. (Though the official color code is Eiffel Tower…Ooh, la, la!) They also come in red (rhubarb) and black suede too. As you can see, these outfits are totally doable: findable pieces, comfortable for our Mom life and activities, and great with many body types.


The first outfit I put together is for our Saturdays.

rockport #poweredby Outfits with Booties

Mine are spent taking the kids to swimming, gymnastics and kid birthday parties. So this outfit has a nice sweatshirt (no college logos or ripped hems, ‘kay?), black leggings (buy a pair that you don’t wear to the gym), a pair of fun earrings to cross the line from “I just worked out” to “I’m working this outfit”, and a nice leather backpack (for the same reason as the earrings.) Then put on these Rockport booties and you are ready to go. You’ll look fabulous, but not out-of-place at 8am at the little league field.


The next glammed-up outfit is for those fall shopping excursions, meetings with friends, a casual get together, or the PTA meetings.

rockport booties outfit ideas

A light colored denim shirt paired with a dark denim skirt. Add a nice vest and bold watch, and a high end bag to take it from “I’m chilling in my jeans” to “Ice Ice baby”! Pair the Rockport booties with some textured tights and you’ll look comfortable, but put together. Fashionable, but not far-out.


The last outfit is perfect for running errands, and going to playdates.

rockport desert booties gray copy

Pair skinny jeans or straight leg jeans with a simple tank, and a long cardigan sweater. Add some bold bracelets and a purse to go with the Rockport Desert booties, and you are comfy and Mom-cool.


You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. I think that is a big thing for me. I need to be comfortable, but I also don’t want to be so glammed up that people ask “What’s the special occasion?” (That is when you know you overshot the appropriate-attire-highway.) Which can be just as bad showing up in ripped sweatpants and a sweatshirt from 1991. These booties elevate the outfits. Comfortable as sneakers with the cushioned soles and laces, but fashionable in the bootie look. Then the heel gives the feeling of empowerment, but in a way that you can still function through your day.

While the pieces I chose for the outfits also are designed for comfort in mind, the Rockport Booties themselves (wedge factor aside) have Rockport’s Total Motion ADIPRENE® by adidas sport technology, with shock absorption (for the ‘get-back-here’ kids sprints), footbed cushion pods (for our standing-in-the-long-return-line aching feet), and NanoGlide lining for wicking properties (for when you’re stress-sweating during the parent/teacher meetings). When I put my pair on for the first time, it was like “AAAH”, and not “AGGHHH”.

The Rockport Desert Booties retail for about $180 and will #Power you through the fall season! And check out the other styles too!

Tweet out one of these TWEETS to share which #Poweredby look you like the most! If your favorite look is the Saturday #PoweredbyFamily outfit, tweet it here. If your favorite look is the #PoweredByFriends Denim design, then tweet it here! If your favorite outfit inspiration is #PoweredbyMotherhood, click here!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these booties! It was hard for me decide which one look that I feel powered by – love Motherhood and Family. 🙂

  2. I too discovered the wedge a few years ago and I’m hooked. There are so many fabulous styles out there right now. I love your bus stop style! I’m usually headed to the gym straight from the bus stop so it’s rare that I’ll wear something like that until after I shower! Love the booties!!

  3. Wedges are the only heels I can wear that don’t make me feel like I’m going to break my ankle. Yet, I haven’t embraced the bootie. Maybe I need to.

  4. Can you come analyze my closet? Fashion is not my strong suit. You always seem to know how to put stuff together so that it works. It’s a gift.

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