With summer almost upon us, and school days almost over, there is a parent scramble to find things to do for the kids. Here are some inexpensive beach inspired crafts for kids that can provide summer fun in the sun.

Beach Crafts for Kids

1. Take an empty plastic milk jug and cut one inch off the bottom. Keep this one inch section and discard the rest of the milk jug or save it for a fun sand scoop at the beach. Then using a hammer and nail, make six holes on the top of the piece of plastic. Then after a trip to the beach, bring home several seashells. Gently using a hammer and nail, make a hole in the top of the shells. (You might need some shell back ups.) Then cut six cords that are 15 inches long. It can be string, twine, fishing wire, etc. Then string four shells on each cord, making sure to knot the cords after each shell to keep them in place. Then thread each cord through the holes in the plastic top.  Lastly, take another cord and knot one section in one of the holes and knot the other end in another hole to make a hanger. Then hang outside, inside, or where ever your kids decide to showcase their seashell chime!

2.Before heading to the beach, find some little rocks or other small objects, and paint them yellow or gold. Then hide them in the sand at the beach (or in a sandbox at home). Bring along a Kitchen Sifter for each child and have them sift for “gold”!

3. After a trip to the beach, collect lots of sand, seashells, seaweed and whatever else you can find. On a rainy day, give the kids some poster board, glue, tape, markers/crayons/paint, and have them create an underwater scene using some of their beach finds for a 3D project!

What other beach crafts for kids inspire you during the summer?

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