A cool new “Find”

With the launch of the iPad2, iPhone4, and other smartphones entering the market every day (love this BestBuy commercial by the way), there are plenty of options out there. And with them comes plenty of apps too. Frankly, I was slow into the smartphone market, but when I started with my iPhone3, I quickly learned that I could not live without it. It keeps me organized and I am never bored anywhere I go. Long line at the post office=fun game of Angry Birds. Long wait at the doctor’s office=Tweeting with friends.

I have a huge list of apps I love. Foursquare is a huge favorite of mine, as well as the coolness of the Magic Beans app. But I also love function apps like QR readers and apps that help find awesome shopping deals, like my newest discovery called TheFind.com.

It is a free app for the iPhone and Android, and it scans product barcodes to find the best price on, well, everything. See a cute pair of heels, but wonder if you can find them cheaper somewhere else? Wondering if there is a better deal on that flat screen TV? Done! TheFind.com app searches the Web for you. Then you can purchase the item on the spot directly through your phone. Or you can even view driving directions to the a nearby store with the lowest price tag. Especially since most stores will price match.

There is even a video on YouTube showing how it works and you can always go to the website directly to learn more.

What other apps do you like for yourself? (We’ll talk about kids app in the next post…)

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