I love homemade gifts.  There is nothing like the attention to detail and the very thought that the gift giver gave to the gift.  This year, my favorite packaging was a diaper cake that a friend gave to me.  Her mother made it and I thought it the cutest and most beautiful gift of my year.  I know a lot of people create diaper cakes, but since this one was given to me, it was my best package received.

However, I do think the cutest package is from a crafter on the website Etsy (thepinkcamellia). Her craft is Wash Cloth Cupcakes.  For $60 you get 12 washcloth cupcakes; perfect for a baby shower.  They are so adorable.  The perfect little gift wrapped in the best package of originality and sweetness-with a cherry on top!

(Photo from thepinkcamellia at Etsy.com)

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