The Best Teething Rings

I am in the midst of the great teeth invasion.

My son decided to be efficient and get several teeth at once, and in no particular order.

Not sure if it is better or worse than getting one tooth at a time, but regardless of the best way, the key to survival (his and mine) is a great teething toy or teething ring.

My little miracles.

While we have the little parade of Vulli teethers (Sophie the Giraffe and Gnon), my son has been so-so on them. I have friends whose children must have Sophie, Gnon, Chan, or Pie with them at all times, but not my son. (Dang it.)

What has been a godsend for us though, are the LifeFactory teething rings.

These teething rings are BPA, phthalate, PVC, and latex free. They are made in the USA, which for us is a huge bonus.

Since they are the perfect circle size, I throw one on like a bracelet so it is always ready, and they can be refrigerated or frozen to soothe aching gums. This may not seem like a big deal, but I cannot believe how many teethers, on the market today, which cannot be placed in the freezer. Plus, many of those same teethers cannot be thrown in the dishwasher, but these can.

As you can see from the picture, there are various ribs and nubs that are fun to explore and LifeFactory claims it helps with the development of oral motor skills. Not sure if it does, but the texture does seem to amuse him.

They are soft and lightweight so even if he decides to throw or bang them around, no harm done. I seriously had to buy more so we have one in his crib, one in the car and one in my diaper bag. They are also super easy to keep track of if you use a Secure-a-Toy strap onto the car seat or stroller.

So, if you are looking for a different kind of teether, this may be a great solution.

You can find them at Isis Parenting, Magic Beans or Nordstrom if you live in Metrowest MA. Otherwise, check out their website for a store near you. If you like the Secure-a-Toy Strap, they also can be found at Magic Beans or

But leave a comment by September 13, 2010 about your little one’s teething troubles, and one commenter could receive one LifeFactory teether in the color of their choice!


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*One lucky winner (drawn randomly via will receive a new LifeFactory Teething Ring in the color of their choice. The winner will be notified directly via e-mail, then listed back at this post using first name only.

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