Page Views Aren’t The Whole Picture

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Everytime I answer a PR request or fill out a form to apply for a brand campaign, I’m asked what are my monthly blog page views.

{chirp, chirp, chirp}



That’s it??

Not my views on YouTube? My Facebook insights for at least one of my Facebook Pages? My number of Twitter followers. Whether I have a weekly live show?

I feel like I am living in another decade because these forms are so….80s. Like in a black computer screen with green font sort of way. It is like you are asking me how many cassette tapes I own, but yet you want me to do a podcast.

Does anyone else see the disconnect here?

If y’all want us to use all of our social media channels in getting the word out, what does only asking for my monthly website page views do for you? Ask about all my social media channels if you want me to use all of them in a campaign. If you want me to post on Google+, pin on Pinterest, tweet on Twitter, vlog on YouTube and post on Facebook, ask me about them.

If you want to know my influence, ask me where is my influence. Some of us have active communities off our blogs. I only have 5,000 month page views here, but over 100,000 per month on Facebook. Would that change your perspective?

Each time I see one of these forms, I’m left wishing that we were all partying like it was 2012 and not 1999 (when Facebook and Twitter weren’t even around!) But at least you aren’t asking for my Klout score anymore. That may be something.


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