The 2015 holiday season is upon us and one of the toughest gifts I have to shop for, are the gifts for my crafty friends and family. I always like to take it up a notch and give them something to make their crafting unique, and often, that turns to tech. Here are my top four picks for great tech gifts for crafty people.

tech gifts for crafty people

Tech Gifts for Crafters:

1. The HP Envy 5530 printer: Not only is it a Wifi enabled printer, it also has #neverrunout ink technology where you have instant ink; the printer notifies HP when the ink is getting low and will send you new ink automatically! My favorite find from the Beaches Resort Conference I attended. Just sign up for the service for as as low as $3 a month with one of these Instant Ink enabled printers. The printer also has the technology to communicate with your smartphone. Use the free HP snapshots app on your smartphone to print out those instagram photos, complete with the descriptions and comments, and use them with the HP Sticky Photo Paper ($10) to easily print out photos for scrapbooks! Or use my other favorite app, the PicCollage app (free) to create fun photos with stickers and titles with Pinterest like designs for unique DIY cards. The app lets you print directly to your HP printer for easy photo projects. You can see my HOW TO Tutorial here. (MSRP: $130)

2. The Epson Label Ribbon maker: Label makers are ideal for the organized person, but now they can be a useful tool for the crafter. The Epson Label Printable Ribbon device lets you create custom ribbons for holiday crafts and gifts, or for custom ribbons for baked goods and party favors for the holidays and beyond. (MSRP: $70)

3. Alex Brands Bling DIY Headphones: If you are going to rock out while making crafts, shouldn’t the headphones reflect your craftiness? These headphones may not be as good quality as Bose but are a fun, inexpensive gift. It may also provide inspiration (and practice) to bling out those Beats headphones.

4. Cross Stitch iPhone cover: Why not craft your phone and show everyone your crafty side? You can do a Google search for these covers, or check out this Etsy shop where you can get a basic cross stitch iPhone cover. Make it a fun gift and put in a cute bag with cross stitch thread and needles to give your giftee all the things they need to make their iphone one-of-a-kind. (MSRP: $10)

Do you have a favorite tech gift to give to a crafter? Let everyone know in the comment section below!

Charlene Chronicles may have received some of the items mentioned in this post, but the content, idea and details in the post are not influenced or contributed to this blog by any brand.

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