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I recently was approached by a company called Stride Everyday to try out some underwear.

Yes, that is what I said. Underwear, panties, whatever you want to call them. Was it some sexy lingerie shop knocking? Um, no. I have a 10 month old so those days are long gone my friends.


What I was given, was the opportunity to try out panties that had, um….light leak protection.


Okay, the deal is that I pushed a baby out and it was no easy four hour pushing feat let me tell you. My kid has a huge head and he has left his mark. So when I cough and sneeze? Yeah. You guessed it. It is also a huge issue when I run more than 10 feet, and many of you know I am a runner.

I have tried liners and even heavier ‘stuff’ but it’s not exactly sexy. Not cool.

So basically I’m a leaky runner that has to pee before she runs, sneezes or coughs so all heck doesn’t break, um, loose. It was the same way when I was preggers too.

And if you don’t yet have these problems? I am soooo jealous, but I am sure you get sweaty when doing hot yoga or a kick-boxing class in your pre-pregnancy glory.

Is all of this TMI? Probably, but hey, I decided to try out these undies because I had the feeling I may not be the only one with this leak problem. So I got my free panties of choice to try out, called Stride Femme.

I tried them out on our brief vacation. Daring I’d say, since if I did not like them, I only had a limited packed panty supply. I put them on one night before bed so to see ‘what was what’ and I can say that I immediately liked what I felt. The material was soft and felt really good on, and the cut was sexy! Totally riveled it’s a secret who, but I know that is only half the panty battle. The ultimate test would be the next day when we walked around the island.

Would they creep up and give me the dreaded panty wedgie?

The next day we walked, and hiked, and climbed down and up a huge flight of stairs with my 20 pound baby on my back. Wedgie? Not a one! So no embarrassing picking en route. I also had a lingering cough from a cold. If I did not remember to cross my legs before I coughed, it was a problem, and at one point I did forget. It was then I experienced panty nirvana. It totally took care of the problem. Sweet!

The details are that these undies have technology that wicks way and absorbs up to one ounce in moisture, and deodorizes too. They last up to 100 washes and come in seamless, french cut brief, mid-rise brief, sport bikini and lacy thong styles. (Told you – sexy!)

Prices range from $19.99 to $24.99

These are hot panties too. They were just launched this past spring and are even being featured in Shape Magazine.

Try them! Use code NEWS123 for free shipping on orders over $30. Want to win a pair? One lucky reader can also win a Stride Everyday panty in your style/size choice!

Just leave a comment to win! You know you want too.

So I’m in love. Just don’t tell my husband…or better yet, tell him because they have stuff coming for the guys too.

Wink, Wink.


Contest is Closed: Congrats to Beth!


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*One lucky winner (drawn randomly via Random.org) will receive get a Stride Everyday Femme panty in their style and size choice. The winner will be notified directly via e-mail, then listed back at this post using first name only.

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  1. Interesting, I will have to check these out.

  2. Feeling sexy is an essential after having a baby (especially if you want to have another one down the road!). Anything is better than those hospital and post-hospital granny panties!

  3. Finally some REAL talk for us REAL mama’s! We deserve every ounce of comfort after having a baby. 🙂

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