Top Four Electronic Devices for Bloggers

As a blogger, there are four electronic items that I need to have to make my job work easily and seamlessly. 1. A laptop. For on the go blogging. Especially the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. 2. A smartphone. For on the go social media connections. Like the Samsung Galaxy S III 3. A camera. […]

Lifeables Review

I have a lot of pictures of my kids. But usually they are stuck on my phone. Languishing in photo hell (or photo heaven if you want to be more positive about it.) If I manage to get the pictures off my phone, they get stored on my computer…and there they remain in photo purgatory. […]

Planes by Byron Barton (Video Review)

If you have a child between two and six years old, who loves airplanes, boats and cars, you should check out an app called “Planes by Byron Barton.” It is an app for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Colors, sounds, music, reading, and recognition are just a few reasons why my son loves the app […]

Grocery and Recipe App from

Between 4pm and 6pm, I get into panic mode. I don’t know what to make for dinner. If I did better with grocery shopping over the weekend, I may not have food amnesia Monday through Friday. Like me, you probably have heard of because it is a great online recipe resource. So I was […]

Tips for Passing Down Electronic Devices to Your Kids

With tech gadgets being released at a rapid pace, your phone, laptop or tablet is outdated the minute you walk out the door. At some point, most of us upgrade and it’s usually our smartphones. I finally broke down 4 months ago and upgraded my iPhone 3 for the iPhone 4s. Since my iPhone 3 […]

Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

We all know that employers (current and potential) do Google searches as part of background checks, and in recent years, that includes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. With new privacy settings for Facebook, however, it is harder to see public posts. So employers have started asking Facebook passwords to get ‘Facebook insider information’. […]

New Year’s Goals

(Not Resolutions) To be honest, I kinda loathe the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing. Maybe because the term is overused. Or maybe because many resolutions are way to lofty (and doomed for failure.) I also hate all of the weight loss pressures too. I’ve noticed the recent influx of weight loss commercials, the┬áLiving Social deal […]

Do I Need a Baby Monitor

This post was updated May 2018. I cannot believe that so much emphasis is put on this “must have” for today’s new parents. Our parents (and grandparents) did not have such a “trinket”. Then again, the technology did not exist during their time. I am fairly confident that if it did exist, they would have […]