Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA

The next time you are looking for function space, or a fabulous place to stay, consider the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. The first time I visited the hotel was at a social media event hosted by MommyNiri and The Frugalette and sponsored by Fisher Price, Hasbro and other amazing brands listed below. Not […]

2013 Ford Escape: Hands Free Tailgate is Mom Perfect

As a Mom of two children, my hands are full. Figuratively of course, but I mean literally. Strollers, diaper bags, toys, sippy cups and the occassional baby, are always in my arms. I’m rather used to struggling with my stash of stuff and various doors, so when something comes easy in that vein, I am […]

Goldenview Ultrasound Review

I recently had a 4D Ultrasound at Goldenview Ultrasound, and while this is a bit of a review, it is also a personal story. Over the past month, I have chatted with friends about an issue that, frankly, I felt ashamed to admit. This pregnancy (and my life) is nothing similar to when I was […]