Seven Simple St. Patrick’s Day Activities And Ideas For Kids

Whether you are Irish or not, whether you can spell claddagh or you can’t, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun, as well as good cultural exposure for your children. So here are some St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids of all ages. If you have younger kids, here are some fun ways to spice […]

The Difference Between Lactose Intolerant and Lactose Sensitive

It is amazing how many food allergies our kids have. It has always been something I have heard from family and friends, but more of a passive thing, like, “Oh, that is a bummer” or  “Oh, that must be really hard.” Until it happened to me. Or more accurately, my daughter. When she was 7 […]

8 English Muffin Recipe Ideas: For Dinner, Snacks and Appetizers

I adore English Muffins. They were a staple for breakfast growing in my house. My favorite way to consume (aka devour) them was when they were smothered in butter. (Although globs of peanut butter on top was a close second favorite.) As an adult, I now use them for more than just breakfast and with […]

How to Make Your Own Fruit Snacks

My kids love fruit snacks but rather than buy them, I thought it would be fun to make them! It can also make great gifts when you place in cute little boxes. Bonus? It is so easy to make! So here is how to make fruit snacks with this simple recipe! Ingredients: 4 cups of […]

Five Recipes with Hummus

I love, love, love Hummus. Whether it is spreading it on a sandwich, or dipping a pretzel in it, we always have a tub of it in our fridge. Yet, I have to admit, I have never cooked with it. So when Heluva Good! Hummus reached out to see if I would share a sponsored […]

Top Meal Prep Subscription Box Services

Not into takeout? Want healthy meals, but someone to do all prep work? Want tasty meals, but into buying all these spices to use them once? I used to love a local services called Healthy Habits Kitchen, but they closed in 2015. So I wanted to find a Meal Prep Subscription Box Service. There are […]

Inspired Bites Cookbook by TJ Girard and Bob Spiegel

Despite a life online, I still admire and enjoy hardcover books, and that admiration extends to my beloved cookbooks. A new one I discovered, and subsequently enjoyed a complimentary copy, is called Inspired Bite: Unexpected Idea for Entertaining, from Pinch Food Design and published by Abrams Books. The authors of the Inspired Bites Cookbook are […]

Tofu Dessert Recipes for Summer

Here are two Tofu Dessert Recipes for your summer parties using firm and medium firm tofu! Plus, they are light, fresh, and seasonal with the focus on lemons and strawberries! TOFU LEMON TART WITH OLIVE OIL CRUST {Serves 8} What You Need: Olive Crust: 1 ½ cups all purpose flour ½ cup confectioners’ sugar 1/4 […]

Awesome Avocado Recipes & an Amazing Cinco Fiesta

This is a sponsored post. All content, however, is my own. I freaking love avocados. I put them on anything I can, so it is fortunate that they are available all year round. They are primarily grown in Mexico, which is handy-dandy for this Massachusetts girl! Simple ham and cheese sandwich? Advocado on it. Grilled […]

How to Make Homemade Jelly Beans

Making jelly beans can be somewhat time consuming, but doable even for the cooking and candy making novice. (Such as myself.) I suggest buying a pot that you have dedicated to your candy making/jelly bean making endeavors. Over time, you’ll appreciate that the high heat won’t ruin the pots and pans you have for Spaghetti […]

The Ninja Cooking System – An Appliance Rockstar

Whether you are reading this before the Christmas holiday or are reading this in the middle of summer, put the Ninja Cooking System on your gift list. Seriously. Like, right now. I had the good fortune to get a sneak peak at the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System before it hit the store shelves, and let me […]

Six Festive New Years Eve Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Drink Recipes

Originally Published December 30, 2011. Updated December 13, 2020. Whether you are going out for New Year‘s Eve or staying in, here are some fun New Year’s Eve drink alcohol and non-alcohol recipes to kick off the New Year. RASPBERRY RENEGADE One classy option at a New Year’s Eve soiree is chilled champagne with a […]