Best Bubbleezz Squishy Smoothie Recipe

If you have a lot of squishies, you know each squishy is a cute, cool and calming fidget collectible. However, there is another one to add to your squishy collection now – Bubbleezz by Orb Toys. In honor of the launch, I am sharing a great smoothie recipe without milk (or without any dairy like […]

A Marvelous Mocktail Mint Julep Recipe

I always think Mint Juleps are so classy. Perfect for late spring and early summer cocktails. There are a lot of Mint Julep recipes out there. (This site has my favorite, including a Mint Tulip option.) However, if you want a Mint Julep without alcohol, then here is a simple Mocktail Mint Julep recipe to […]

Vampirina Cookie Recipes

We watched the new Disney Junior series Vampirina over the weekend. It was fun watching the inaugural show! My kids loved it and it will definitely be a fun show to watch in our house. During the first show, a neighbor comes by with some flowers and cookies to welcome Vampirina and her family to […]

Mushroom Blue Cheese Appetizer

With some key entertaining holidays coming up, I thought I would share a unique appetizer recipe that is great for kids and adults, and is easy to make – which is why it is perfect for Charlene Chronicles’ weekly #makeitmonday post! Crispy Mushroom Blue Cheese Appetizer Serves 2-4 people so up the amounts for more guests […]

The Best Summer Salad

It is hard to find ways to make meals from scratch. And that is on a good day. Add the craziness of summer (late night baseball practices, camp schedules, vacations) and it is pretty much frozen meals for us. Yet, I stumbled across a recipe from Whole Foods that took in account the veggies of […]

Top 20 Parenting Tips

Recently, Mott’s (the Applesauce Company) started a new campaign called the Good and Honest Campaign urging parents to share honest moments and good advice for fellow parents. It reminded me of the same goals when I first became a Mom. I was part of a new Mom group and class at a local parenting club. […]

Broccoli Rice and Ground Beef Casserole Pie

This is a family recipe and a family favorite. It is easy to make and tastes delicious. What I like about it the most, is that you can cook almost everything in one large skillet, and the recipe results in two pies: one that you can eat right away and another one you can freeze! […]

Minty Milk: Mmm Mmm Good

Add some sizzle to snack time or some pep to your post-dinner feast with this Milky Mint recipe. Not only is it a good way to get some protein and calcium, but it is festive too. Peppermint Beverage Recipe Warm a cup of low fat milk in the microwave for about 30 seconds to one […]

Party Plans: Appetizer Recipes for Outdoor Parties

I still cannot believe my little girl is now two years old! (And she acts like she is going on 22!) And of course I’m already planning her outdoor party this weekend and am on the hunt for Appetizer Recipes that will suit an outdoor event! Since I love throwing parties for my kids, we […]

Charlene DeLoach’s Juice Plus Complete Recipe

Juice Plus+ Complete® is whole food based powdered drink mix that provides balanced nutrition that is from non-GMO ingredients, 100% plant based, gluten free and no cholesterol, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives at all. Juice Plus Complete provides minimally processed water-wahsed soy and other natural proteins and soluble and insoluble fiber. Some […]

Four Mouthwatering Flatout Hungry Girl Recipes

Sandwich Sweet Sandwich There is a lot I miss about working full-time. One of the things I miss is the ability to have lunch. Not only the ability to eat without kids asking me for juice, to change their diaper, for a toy that fell on the floor, but the ability to eat whatever I […]

Ninja Cooking System Recipe: Broccoli Cheese Dip

As you may know, I am in LOVE with my Ninja 3-n-1 Cooking System. You can see my video post about it here. So I’m always looking for any Ninja Cooking System Recipes to use. What I love the most about it is that it makes cooking so much easier than having to use tons of pots […]

Cranberry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

This time of year, cranberries are everywhere. So when I saw huge tubs of dried cranberries at Trader Joes this week for 50% off, I scooped up some and went to work making cranberry oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. My first round of baking resulted in a jar full of soft, chewy, cranberry oatmeal cookies and […]

How to Make Chocolate Kiss Pretzels

Pretzels are awesome. Hershey’s Kisses rock. M&Ms are fabulous. Put all three together and you have a trifecta of crunchy, salty, chocolate-y goodness. Check out my video on how to make Chocolate Kiss Pretzels. Great for holiday pretzel treats or for those gifts you need for teachers or your mailman. If you don’t want to […]

Chicken Wing Cupcakes

Regardless of what team you root for, or who ultimately wins, the best part of any football game is the food – especially unique food items like Chicken Wing Cupcakes. While I wrote a post about fun Super Bowl food ideas, and even shared Coloring Sheets for the kids… is one recipe you should try: […]

California Raisin Energy Bar Recipe

Last week at Blissdom, I got a chance to workout with, and interview, celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters. That post is coming soon, but the event was sponsored by California Raisins and they had super-delish raisin bars we grabbed post-workout. California Raisins has more recipes (as well as a huge contest that you might want […]