Online Childbirth Education Classes

Personally, I hate the idea of traditional childbirth education classes. While I want information about childbirth options, risks, and techniques, the idea of getting the details in front of strangers is a little…weird to me. It works for others. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously, because thousands of people take such classes every year in the […]

Fashion Forward Pregnancy at Mom 2.0

The recent chatter about the Mom 2.0 fashion scene really doesn’t apply to me this conference go-around. Why? Because I’m 32 weeks pregnant. At this point, my main goal is not fashion. For anyone who’s been pregnant, you know wardrobe options are limited even on a good day at home. Add a beach-front White Party and […]

Hint Water Review

As a runner, I know the importance of water when I train and run races. As a human being, I know water is essential everyday. Being pregnant, I need it even more. Regardless of the day or the stage in my life, I need to drink water. But I hate it. Water is boring and […]

Pregnancy Cravings

Anyone who has ever been pregnant, has at one point craved something, somewhere at sometime. Whether something as simple as ice cream, as specific as mint chocolate chip ice cream or as strange as ice cream with relish toppings. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any bizarre cravings but I did have two consistent […]

Pregnancy Symptoms

Dealing with pregnancy myths is one thing, dealing with pregnancy symptoms is another. You know those times when you wake up and wonder where the heck you are? Why you are wearing one sock, a hat and nothing else? For those of you that have experienced that, you must have had some great college years. […]

Pregnancy Myths

When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but it amazes me the misinformation people wish to impart on you. Case in point, my Mom has ‘baby-brain’ these days, as my sister-in-law and I are both expecting. My Mom has two best friends who have daughter-in-laws that are expecting as well. Turns out […]

Big News

Yes, I am pregnant. There I said it. Why come out of the closet now? Well, I cannot hide it anymore with it being my second pregnancy and all. I look like I have already swallowed a basketball. <Sigh> I’m sure you want some of the details right? Well, this whole pregnancy thing was a […]

MBTA’s Nice Ad Campaign

Boston was named the least friendly city a couple months ago. Apparently, it is a wicked valid title now the MBTA (“Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” for you non-Dunkie drinkin’ locals) has signs on the “T” asking “Bahstin” people to be nice. Here are some of the sayings: “Man gives up seat for pregnant woman! — Red Line […]

Exercising While Pregnant

So there have been a lot of articles about the woman who ran the Chicago Marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and gave birth just hours later. Her doctors had given her the go ahead and the race officials did not ban her from running. So she did. I love this story for many reasons, but mainly […]

Mine for Nine

Who says pregnant women can’t dress for the occasion, save money for that super luxurious baby stroller, and look fabulous at the same time. (Yes, dammit, we can have it all.) The holiday season is upon us and soon we will start getting the invites to the company holiday party, the neighborhood cocktail party, the […]

What’s Your Emergency?

As an aerobics instructor (currently on baby hiatus), I have to be recertified every two years.  This includes a myriad of CEUs and a recertification in CPR. This is the year I need to submit all my requirements so I can continue to count in a series of 8 and tell everyone ‘they can do […]