Benefits of Early Reading to Children

According to a recent article in the journal of Pediatrics, reading to your kids can improve behavior and attention. The article is entitled on “Reading Aloud, Play and Social-Emotional Development”. The researchers showed that parents reading aloud and playing with their young children could have a long-term, positive impact on their children’s behavior. In other words, […]

Diaper Bag that Looks Like a Handbag

A diaper bag that looks like a handbag or a purse seems allusive. As a second-time Mom, I know how fleeting diaper bags can be. You really need them the first year and after the first year, the need dissipates. You don’t need as much stuff and that huge bag doesn’t fit the new toddler lifestyle […]

Abdominal Separation, Diastasis Recti & Surgery

Going to the grand opening of New Fantasyland brought a new outlook on life, but not in the way you might think. It helped me make a decision on what to do with my two umbilical hernias and abdominal separation. I’m having surgery to fix them all. I debated for awhile on whether I should […]

In-Between and Post Pregnancy Clothes

Finding and shopping for clothes, well, sucks. Especially after you have had a child and are thinking about having more. You are then in, what I call, the Preggo-Zone. The dreaded need to find post pregnancy clothes. This is the zone where you can’t fit into your old pre-kid clothes because your hips, butt, boobs, […]

Facing Death

I don’t want to die. Then again, who wants to? This past spring, I watched my friend Nancy face death. I have lost count on how many times she has done that. I have had other people in my life experience the same things. Yet, how does one deal with death voluntarily? I am facing […]

Should I Have Diastasis Recti Surgery?

There are two situations that I wasn’t expecting as a result of a Diastasis Recti, Umbilical and Ventral surgery: stopping breastfeeding before I was expecting to, and not having more children. I shared my medical situation and here is the emotional side. Diastasis Recti Surgery For those of you who read the birth story of […]

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

{This is a rather long post. Yet, as most of my pregnancy posts this past year, it’s worth reading since it’s like watching a train wreck.} Imagine walking down the street and everyone constantly stops you to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Others smile at you in the elevator and ask when you are due. I […]

Lifeables Review

I have a lot of pictures of my kids. But usually they are stuck on my phone. Languishing in photo hell (or photo heaven if you want to be more positive about it.) If I manage to get the pictures off my phone, they get stored on my computer…and there they remain in photo purgatory. […]

The Other Baby Book Review

I read a lot of books during my first pregnancy. Primarily because I had the time, and I was at a loss as to what was about to happen. When I became pregnant with our second child, time was not in abundance with a toddler in the house. And I pretty much had figured out […]

The Newest Chronicle

Here she is….”Super G”. To learn about her arrival, click here.

My Day on Fox 25 Morning News

About a month ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to appear on television to talk about pregnancy in anticipation of the movie “What to Expect When You are Expecting“. Let’s just say it is hard to appear on camera when you are pregnant. The “camera puts on 10 pounds” is hard to swallow when you […]

To My Little Boy As He Becomes a Big Brother

In these early hours of June 19, 2012, I know that time is short before our family goes from three to four; that the minutes fly by when I am a mom only to one – you; my precious little boy. You have had my sole attention these past 32 months. Where I would go, […]

Bye Bye Pregnancy

In these final moments (days? hours?) of my pregnancy, I figured I better jot down some thoughts. I could be mushy, but decided that would be another post. So I think the best way to recap this pregnancy is think about what I won’t miss about being pregnant and what I am most looking forward […]

Sharing Details of Your Pregnancy or Birth Story Online

This has been a very interesting pregnancy in that my experience of it has been more public. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a share site that I only used for family. While it was also a personal pregnancy journal, one could only access it by a password. At the time, […]

New Meaning of Pregnancy “Support”

Seriously, the indignities of pregnancy are too numerous to name. But I experienced a new one this time around that even I didn’t see coming. I had to buy a maternity support belt. {Seriously.} The product description doesn’t help the sexy factor, which is woeful at this point of pregnancy anyway, but it’s an embarrassing […]