Hot Holiday Toys: Here’s The Ultimate Holiday Toy List!

I have combed through the Hot Toy Lists, the Most Wanted Toy Lists and the Top Holiday Toys Lists from The Toy Insider, Amazon and TTPM for Holiday 2017. These are three industry leaders in toy reviews. Every year they come out with their respective Hot Toy lists in key categories. This year, I went […]

Online Consignment:

I recently had my first experience shopping clothes consignment online. I’m a big fan of consignment, shopping in local stores. I enjoy reusing and recycling, and knowing someone else’s trash is my treasure, as the saying goes. It is also another way to get luxury goods at an affordable price. However, I have not tried […]

#ToyTuesday: 6 Fun Toys for Toddlers

Finding toys for toddlers can be a challenge. Most parents want to find toys that have learning potential, in addition to being entertaining and fun. So I wanted to share five toys from a company called Kidz Delight. The company offers a range of toys for children from birth to 6 years old to introduce the […]

Adult Coloring Books Trend

THE BARNES & NOBLE ALL-AMERICAN ART UNWIND ENCOURAGES ADULTS TO JOIN IN A CELEBRATION OF COLORING The trend of adult coloring is sweeping the nation with coloring books selling millions of copies and topping best-seller charts, and Barnes & Noble is inviting customers to celebrate coloring with The Barnes & Noble All-American Art Unwind event […]

How to have a Healthy Smile #LISTERINE

Sponsored Post When I was in college, I got dental work done to my teeth before my senior year. Pretty extensive actually. You see, I was genetically gifted (or should I say, ungifted) with teeth that, well, made me very sensitive about my smile. I felt like it limited my social relationships and that it […]

Benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan

Have you started saving for college? Whether for yourself or your kids? Are you squirreling away savings when you can? While many families have a hard time finding savings to set aside for college, many are more perplexed about how to go about it. At the U.Fund Dreams Tour sponsored by Fidelity and MEFA (The […]

Top 20 Parenting Tips

Recently, Mott’s (the Applesauce Company) started a new campaign called the Good and Honest Campaign urging parents to share honest moments and good advice for fellow parents. It reminded me of the same goals when I first became a Mom. I was part of a new Mom group and class at a local parenting club. […]

College Cost Saving Tips

I have a doctorate. Yup. One of those super fancy degrees hanging on my wall. That was, of course, after going to a private college for four years. Which leads me to two words: Cha Ching! It was dang expensive paying all of that money back. I would have loved to have found little ways […]

Keyboard Labels and Modern Labels for Parents

There are a lot of label brands for kids camp, school, and more. Some that I mentioned here. Yet, what about us Moms? Yes, we can label our gym bags, tennis rackets or supplies with our name on it, but aren’t we kind-of past the “This is {insert my name here}?” So what options do […]

Saving for College

We spent a super fun day at the Newburyport Riverfest Music Festival last weekend. Newburyport is an historic New England town right next to the ocean. There were boats, music, free samples and fun brand booths to explore on a gorgeous sunny Labor Day weekend. I went to the U.Fund Dreams Tour Tent first! The […]

National Moms Nite Out and Moms Night Out Movie

This is a sponsored post. Why do you need a Moms Night Out? Whether it is watching the Moms Night Out Movie, joining at National Moms Nite Celebration near you or planning a Moms Night Out with friends, there are lot of ways to get a night away from the Mom responsibilities that we all […]

Finding a Babysitter Using Your iPhone – UrbanSitter

Finding a babysitter is tough, but booking a babysitter can be tougher-unless you are finding a babysitter using your iPhone via UrbanSitter. Whether it’s Sittercity, or UrbanSitter, you can search and post for babysitting needs. Yet, where UrbanSitter differs is that you can look and book using your smartphone. UrbanSitter is the next generation of babysitting searches. […]

Push Present Must-Haves

I am a firm believer that if you push something the size of a watermelon through a small hole, you should get a present for that. And if it takes over 12 hours to do it? A big present. So as a new Mom, what cool stuff is out there to celebrate your feat? Something […]

The Other Baby Book Review

I read a lot of books during my first pregnancy. Primarily because I had the time, and I was at a loss as to what was about to happen. When I became pregnant with our second child, time was not in abundance with a toddler in the house. And I pretty much had figured out […]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Whether you are Irish or not, whether you can spell claddagh or you can’t, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun, as well as good cultural exposure for your children. So here are some St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids of all ages. If you have younger kids, here are some fun ways to spice […]

Giving Your Child Everything They Want

As a parent it is hard not to give your child everything they want. It seems as if I am always saying no. No chocolate. No cheese. No throw. No touch. Luckily he is pretty choosy, so it is not often I do need to say no, even at the toy store, but tonight, as we stood […]

Answering a Toddler’s Question

My toddler’s reasoning has really taken off. Everything is “Why?” Thus, I try, as the modern-doting mother that I am, to answer my toddler’s questions to the best of my ability. I realized that approach, however, can backfire. Being a boy, he is very interested in boy things. Cars, trucks, the remote control and yes, […]

New Year’s Goals

(Not Resolutions) To be honest, I kinda loathe the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing. Maybe because the term is overused. Or maybe because many resolutions are way to lofty (and doomed for failure.) I also hate all of the weight loss pressures too. I’ve noticed the recent influx of weight loss commercials, the Living Social deal […]

Time Change Chaos

Spring Ahead Suckers. I really dislike the whole spring-ahead/fall-back thing. I’m especially annoyed that it now happens in November and March, rendering the whole time change thing rather moot. All the running around for a meezly 4 months. Why bother? It leads me to think about moving to a state that does not partake in […]

Happy First Birthday

One year ago, I was getting ready to greet you into this world. I did not yet know your name or the features of your face. I did not know if you were a boy or girl. All I knew was that I loved you and couldn’t wait to meet you. I admit I was […]

What’s Your Emergency?

As an aerobics instructor (currently on baby hiatus), I have to be recertified every two years.  This includes a myriad of CEUs and a recertification in CPR. This is the year I need to submit all my requirements so I can continue to count in a series of 8 and tell everyone ‘they can do […]