Go Green With Your Makeup Routine

Makeup is a tricky business but there are some things you can do to go green with your makeup routine. You don’t have to have natural and organic for every thing in your beauty drawer, if your lifestyle and budget don’t allow for it. But sometimes it is nice to go green and organic where […]

Homemade Lip Balm and Lip Tint

It is amazing how easy it is to make your own lip balm. I’m surprised more people don’t do it at home. You know what the ingredients are and they make such lovely little gifts! So here is how you can make your own homemade lip balm. (Note the post does have affiliate links.) First, […]

Portable Pampering: T Spheres

If you followed my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, then you might have seen one of my favorite picks: the t spheres®. They are little luxuries, portable pampering, and tranquil “Ts”. It’s massage and aromatherapy in one portable product. There’s over 17 years of science in these spheres, which has an infusion of aromatherapy essential oils […]

Five Summer Worthy Natural Sunscreens for Kids

All year round, sunscreen is key for anyone in your family, but never more so than the summer months! While babies under 6 months shouldn’t wear sunscreen due to the thin layer of their skin, and thus should be kept out of the sun altogether, once your children are over six months of age, or […]

10 Tips for a Natural Living Lifestyle

With a baby in the house and a preschooler (and two dogs), I’m often searching for various ways on how to make your home clean. Yet, it is not just about a clean home, but a chemical free home. One with a natural nursery and organic playroom. So here are some reasons I have found […]