Do You Need a Sleeping Bra?

As a woman, when you get older, things are more problematic on your body than you thought! One such thing has to do with your girls. (Okay, breasts people. There I said it!) We know they sag and lose volume, but they can also be more uncomfortable when sleeping at night. As we lose volume […]

Jockey Skimmies Shorts: The Slip Alternative

Jockey┬« sent me a pair of Skimmies┬« slipshorts to try. It is an alternative to a traditional slip. While slips may seem something that you wore in the eighties during Easter, or something that your Mom still wears, it should be something more women wear on a daily basis today. So you don’t have this […]

Coobie Bra Review

You know those moments when you get so excited about something, you can only say un-imaginative words like amazing, awesome, fabulous, and it feels like you are not doing it justice. I feel that way about my new lingerie from Coobie. These Coobie bras are hand down, boobies up, the best bras I have come […]