Tips for Visiting Disney World with a Toddler

I didn’t get selected to be on the Disney Moms Panel, but I decided to finally put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen?) to share my tips for visiting Disney World with a toddler (aka: any child under five years old). Many friends have asked me over the years for recommendations and tips, so I […]

Ideas on How You Can Reuse a Halloween Costume

We all know that kids speed through their clothes. It seems like they wear a pair of jeans once and they outgrow them. Halloween costumes are even worse. Just a couple of hours of wearing time and there goes $20+ dollars out the window. So here are a couple tips on how to reuse a […]

Residence Inn Extended Stay Benefits for Families

Traveling as a family has added complications compared to when traveling for business or as a couple. The primary consideration is feeding a family of four (or more), and if you have a baby, add in breast milk and formula considerations. Sharing a room means you are subject to your kids’ schedules. No watching TV […]

Rooms With a View at Residence Inn – Tudor Wharf

Recently, I had a wonderful stay at the Residence Inn-Tudor Wharf in Charlestown, MA. Staying in a Residence Inn has lots of family-friendly benefits, but this property in particular has a superb location with its walking distance to all the major attractions, such as Faneuil Hall, the North End, the Charles River, and the Museum […]

Environmental Learning

Summer vacation is in full force. My Facebook stream is peppered with posts from friends describing their vacation adventures in the car, on the plane or on the train. How we keep kids occupied often can make or break that road trip, whereever the ultimate destination may lie. Even if the extent of your vacation […]

To My Little Boy As He Becomes a Big Brother

In these early hours of June 19, 2012, I know that time is short before our family goes from three to four; that the minutes fly by when I am a mom only to one – you; my precious little boy. You have had my sole attention these past 32 months. Where I would go, […]

Tooth Fairy Kids Club

In preparation for my MAM Baby party, I learned a lot about teeth, oral products, and educational resources to help parents (and kids) establish good oral hygiene. If you read my post-party blog post, I had mentioned the program called the America’s ToothFairy Kids Club by the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF), and I wanted to […]

Easter Basket Ideas

Some local Moms had fantastic ideas on the Metrowest Mamas Facebook page about what to do with Easter Baskets. Chocolate is the most popular item of course. As a kid, I always loved getting a new Barbie and my brothers’ loved getting toy cars and trucks. One memory I have is our family backyard Easter Egg Hunts. […]

Next Size Up Kids Consignment Sale

The Next Size Up Kids’ Consignment Sale will hold its biggest event on Thursday, March 29, 2012-April 1, 2012 at the former Borders Books on Route 1 in North Attleboro. Parents can shop from thousands of gently-used toys, clothing, baby gear, books, DVDs, video games, kids decor and more. (And save a lot of money […]

Four At-Home Vacation Activities for Kids

While there are always scheduled school vacation events in your local community, sometimes the weather can thwart outdoor events. Or here in the Northeast, the standard winter break activities of ice skating or sledding are a no-go with our mild weather this season. Other considerations like budget, or even sick kids, can prevent you from […]

Toddler Teeth

Having a toddler presents many challenges. The most unique one, that I didn’t see coming, had to do with oral development (aka Teeth). On the one hand, a toddler is still teething (those nasty molars!). On the other hand, they are old enough to start brushing their teeth. As always, it is up to us […]

Football Coloring Sheets for Kids

Here are some fun football coloring sheets for kids from the Patriot website to get the young fans excited for the game (or keep them occupied during the first half.) Just click the image to print out a larger copy. If you want to find more generic football coloring pages, check out this page for […]

Super Bowl Activities, Crafts and Recipes for Kids

The Super Bowl (aka Big Game) can be a fun event to get the kids excited – even if your family members are not big sports fans. Here are some fun Super Bowl Ideas for Kids to make the big game – big fun. Super Bowl Ideas for Kids Make your own Football T-shirt Buy […]

Making Math Fun

It is a worry of mine that my children will struggle as I did with arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Yet, a lot of the struggles can be avoided with a few points to consider. At a Math is Fun event hosted by Dads Do Good and sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (a Boston-based company), I listened to […]

Happy Holidays HEXBUGS

As part of the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways, my fifth giveaway is such that, if you are a Mom, it may seem a bit creepy. But your kids? They will love the “buzz”. Okay, what am I talking about? Anything HEXBUG. (Which, if you don’t know what they are, you’ll be happy to know […]

Life is Good Festival 2011

Great weekend of music and fun for everyone. The Life is good Festival takes place on September 24th and 25th at the Prowse Farm in Canton, MA with over 20 music bands and unlimited fun for adults and kids. There is art, activities, and games, and it raises money to help children overcome life-threatening challenges. […]

Sunscreen Safety

Here Comes the Sun. For many of us, the summer means long sunny days outside – at BBQs, pools and beaches. Yet, those sunny days can be deadly. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed each year, while more than 68,000 people […]

New Dog

New Insanity OMG. I am getting a dog this Saturday. Forty-eight hours from now. I know the specific time when my life is going to change. As many of you know from my previous post, it has been a whirlwind. I don’t remember being this nervous when I got my other two dogs. But then […]

Mini Marathon Monday

Today is “Marathon Monday” in Boston, which I am very familiar with (after running 5 of them). If you can get out to the marathon route with the kids, it can be a fun experience to share. Before you go, get them into the fun by making big signs to cheer the runners. Just pack […]

Happy First Birthday

One year ago, I was getting ready to greet you into this world. I did not yet know your name or the features of your face. I did not know if you were a boy or girl. All I knew was that I loved you and couldn’t wait to meet you. I admit I was […]

What’s Your Emergency?

As an aerobics instructor (currently on baby hiatus), I have to be recertified every two years.  This includes a myriad of CEUs and a recertification in CPR. This is the year I need to submit all my requirements so I can continue to count in a series of 8 and tell everyone ‘they can do […]

How a Dog Prepares You for a Having a Baby

I am a proud Mother to two girls – ages 4 and 2. My oldest is the emotional one. Smart, follows directions well and loves to be outdoors. My youngest is a little flirt. Pretty much the complete opposite of her older sister and frankly loves to torment her too. Why Having a Dog Prepares […]